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BTC News – Physical Properties of Currency

  • Divisible: A currency must be divisible so that units of its value can be paid to match the value of your purchase. Bitcoin News.
  • Scarce: Money has to be sufficiently rare. If the medium of the currency is easily obtainable or reproducible, it will have little
    worth and be easily counterfeited.
  • Portable: For a currency to be convenient, it must be portable.
  • Uniform: Every unit of a currency must be equal in value. Diamonds are not fungible because there are other properties of a diamond that makes it worth more or less than any other diamond.
  • Durable: Money must not have a property that allows it to decay over time. Any perishable items are a good example of this: Apples, Spices, Tea, Milk, etc.
  • Acceptable: Trusted and accepted by all.


Bitcoin Price News – What makes a good…

Currency? Payment System?
1 Trust Trust
2 No counterfeiting Verification of ownership
Verification of transaction
3 Anonymity Fast
Low Transaction Cost
4 Managed by Central Bank to deal with
demand shocks
No Monetary or Fiscal Policy tool
5 Denomination of Contracts No Denomination
6 No issue with Liquidity Exchange System to guarantee liquidity
7 Peer to Peer Needs Clearing System

Real Time Cryptocurrency news – What is Bitcoin?

A peer-to-peer internet currency that allows decentralized (verification) transfers of value between individuals and businesses:

  • Bitcoin is the system
  • Bitcoins are the units

In economic terms:


Live BTC News

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