How to Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin?


How to buy bitcoin instantly?

Bitcoin is a lot of things, and the technology is coming to be more powerful as each week goes by. That’s because Bitcoin creates a massive, global platform that is open and free to anyone to build on and develop. Through bitcoin people carry out transactions on the internet that do not require some sort of validation or confirmation by an intermediary, which facilitates safe peer-to-peer transactions. Because it is a digital currency, bitcoin operates in a way similar to email for money. The same way you need to create an email address to receive messages from people, in the same vein, you are required to create a bitcoin wallet to store and transact money with just a smartphone.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin instantly?

However, is it possible to buy Bitcoin instantly? Of course, there are many ways to buy bitcoin cryptocurrency, with debit or credit card, PayPal, online on cryptocurrency exchange, with bank transfers and so on.  It is difficult to hand-pick which is the best way to buy bitcoin. After the opening of Bitcoin address-account you can start buying coins. While financial systems are clunky and come with a lot of expensive charges, bitcoin provides a common language that computers utilize to transfer money instantly and securely. This is achieved at a much lower cost with no intermediaries.

Methods to buy Bitcoin Instantly

  • Bitcoin ATMs: nowadays, Bitcoin ATMs are located in most major metropolitan cities around the world. All that is required is an upscale debit or credit card. These ATMs don’t require any sort of ID or verification. Majority of them are simple “buy and go” points that help you quickly pocket some bitcoins with cash exchange instantly.
  • Credit card payments: if you intend to buy bitcoin through credit card payments, there are specialised apps that help to achieve this, such as: Coinmama, (is a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency, anywhere in the world. They believe that the future of money is one where they, the people, are in control of our own economy. A future where there’s no place for middle-men, hidden fees and fine print). In all of these apps, you are given the room to choose the type of coin you intend to purchase,  your payment method and the amount of coin you want to buy. Afterwards, the bitcoin is added to your app wallet instantly. They all have a rather easy interface to aid navigation. Although, buying Bitcoin through this means attracts some transaction charges that varies with app.
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  • Buying from individuals: the transactions of bitcoin with individuals is done on specialized sites or in person. Through specialised sites, individual will pick the country and city, fill the other fields that include number and payments method. The sellers on this websites are rated by grade level depending on their amount of successful transactions, however, purchasing Bitcoin from this sites is not recommended due to high risk of fraud. On the other hand, you can meet an individual that has some bitcoin up for sale, after which the amount of bitcoin you intend to buy will be sent to your coin wallet. You and the individual will agree on payment method.
  • Buying with bank transfer: there are apps that support the instant buying of Bitcoin through bank accounts. An example is change, which is a blockchain based finance all that offer the ability to buy, trade and sell bitcoin instantly without transaction fees. While depositing funds via a bank transfer on the app is free, the speed of this transfer is subject to your capabilities.


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