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American Airlines Plans “Modern” Meal Service Post-Crisis

American Airlines, such as a number of its rivals, is shifting its own meal service to accommodate to the new reality of COVID-19. The airline’s Senior Vice President of Flight Service stated through a Wednesday Q&A session which guests can anticipate some thing ‘more modern’ as it is time to provide meals . Airlines are attempting to decrease many ‘touchpoints’ as you can in regards to inflight services. Photo: Getty ImagesAn interim step American Airlines Senior Vice President of Flight Service, Jill Surdek, made some remarks regarding inflight service on Wednesday. In the Question and Answer session, she succeeded at some forthcoming changes to foods that passengers could anticipate. According to see in the Wing, Surdek claims that complete menu providers won’t be returning instantly. Instead, an interim measure is going to probably be released to bridge the difference. Here’s more of what she stated: “When you think about the footprint we have for meal service and how we served, it’s been very similar over the years. And is there a way to bring back something that still has a premium feel but is different and more modern, and is this an opportunity to reset in a way that we might have made more incremental changes before.” -Jill Surdek, Senior Vice President of Flight Service, American Airlines through View from the Wing Surdek additionally noted that she imagines supplying service “with significantly less touchpoints, [while wearing] masks, etc.” All this, obviously, is in reaction to COVID-19 and attempting to remove any chance for the virus to propagate. While symptomatic travelers will be screened out prior to boarding the airplane, the largest concern is an asymptomatic transmission, together with unknowingly-infected passengers or crew spreading the illness. Many travelers will concur a ‘cold, boxed, meal’ is regarded as inferior to a complete meal set out on a tray full with a steaming hot principal course. But, Air Canada is trying to ‘spruce up’ its own meal assistance, that was adapted for the very fact of COVID-19. Straightforward Flying had the chance to experience this firsthand in July. Is this something we could expect to see other carriers such as American Airlines daily? All foods are chilly and served in entirely comprised boxes. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple FlyingAn instance of what a popular market meal resembles with Air Canada. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple FlyingAnother totally boxed-up meal. Pictured here is a company class lunch. Photo: Chris Loh/Simple FlyingAs you can see in the photographs above, touchpoints are reduced together with elements of this meal contained inside a box. Moving farther, everything inside the meal is wrapped up in plastic. To ‘make it fancy’ the box is branded with the title of a well-respected chef along with a data card is included also. This procedure gets rid of the procedure where passengers need to heat up primary classes and continue throughout the cottage, setting the passenger’s taste of the principal path on into the tray that is preset. This would also remove flight attendants having to ask passengers exactly what their taste may be, because that element of selection could be gone. Wait and watch… Finally, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Surdek and American Airlines have up their sleeves to get this particular ‘more modern’ meals support. It would certainly be surprising if it was like that of Air Canada’s new boxed meals. Have you got any thoughts of what American Airlines can do? Can this be a worse product than ever previously? Or can they help it become better? Tell us your ideas in the comments.

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