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Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price drops to USD 9k … Where are you going?

BTC Price is falling, having reached the level of 8,900 USD

After FintechZoom warned that the price of BTC failed to exceed the resistance level of USD 10k 3 times during May, it is now starting to fall – Bitcoin Price drops to USD 9k … Where are you going?.

Bitcoin Price 21 May

Investors are concerned that Bitcoin will not be able to grow beyond 10,000 USD and are thus penalizing it.

Bitcoin Price 21 May 2
BTC Price 21 May 2

If the price of Bitcoin drops today from 9000 USD, we will probably have a drop down to 8000-8200 USD.

If that doesn’t happen, then BTC will try for the 4th time this May to surpass the resilient level of 10,000 USD.

The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 naturally causes this behavior of uncertainty in the price of Bitcoin.


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