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Is it a good time to invest? How Iban Wallet can help your finances navigate troubling times

As rational as we like to believe we are, truth remains that human beings are still very much influenced by emotion. If this is true for any time we live in, when something like a pandemic is permanently on the news cycle, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Add this with the topic of personal finances, and things can easily go overboard – Is it a good time to invest? How Iban Wallet can help your finances navigate troubling times.

And still the future will probably come, and it is best to be prepared for it. In other words, now is always a good time to take action and improve your conditions to come.

While this could be a very valuable option for those just getting started with investing, right  now we are taking a look at how it can be a good option when markets are invaded by volatility.


Fintech – new solutions for changing times

Iban Wallet is part of the Fintech sector we all love and that has been constantly causing innovation in all financial areas by simplifying processes, introducing technology and opening possibilities that were once reserved for the few.

As many of you are aware, the history of this sector is tightly related to the financial crisis that hit internationally in the end of the last decade, seizing opportunities that traditional institutions did not.

It seems this gave rise to companies with decentralized structures, and Iban Wallet took advantage of this as well, having been able to keep fully operational since they act as a digital-only solution – which is helpful in terms of social distancing.


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What is available for you

The company provides several investment options with different time frames in mind, its projected returns ranging from 2.5% to 6% AER

It provides a passive investing experience, as all you have to do is choose the type of investment at your disposal, apply your funds, and that’s it. There are no active management options to waste your time.

And what can be interesting for the investor looking for a way to protect themselves from the instability and uncertainty that equity markets are now experiencing, is the fact that Iban Wallet’s investment solutions are debt-based, as they act as intermediaries in the lending process, working closely with loan originators. 

Moreover, this automatically introduces a level of diversification, since your investment is tied to a series of aggregated loans, and not individual ones.

Available in USD, EUR and MXN, be sure to check that your nationality is covered.


Is it a good time to invest?
Is it a good time to invest?


A word on flexibility

While what was said above applies to all of Iban Wallet’s investments, the Iban Account may be not only the easiest way to get started, but also the one that provides the most flexibility.

With it you can start with only $/€1, making it very easy to start, and if at any time you need it, you can request a withdrawal of your funds. All this without paying any commissions and service fees.

In times like these, it bears to keep in mind that it may be necessary to have access to your funds in short notice, so an investment that doesn’t let you tied for specific lengths of time is something we can all appreciate.


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Investor protection

As important is the matter of how your funds are protected.

On a first level, all funds transferred to Iban Wallet are deposited with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), which is directly regulated by the European Central Bank.

Also to be considered is the fact that your investments are never tied up to the performance of any single loan issued by Loan Originators, but to an aggregated bundle of loans, providing a level of diversification.

Furthermore, all loans that Iban Wallet invests in are asset-backed, there being a collateral associated which can be sold in case of a default.

Finally, there are all the ongoing efforts undertaken by the company, from continuous auditing and tracking relevant Loan Originator metrics, to the security implemented in their periodically updated apps, from biometric protection systems, two factor authentication and real time notifications on movements made.


A new asset for volatile times?

It could very well be. And as we can all see, times are constantly changing. It makes sense not to cling to past options or close your eyes to new opportunities.

After all, staying put isn’t wise as the world keeps moving forward.

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Is it a good time to invest? How Iban Wallet can help your finances navigate troubling times

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