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Emily Warner Marked Many Airline Pilot Firsts

When Emily Hanrahan purchased her first ticket to fly on an airplane—a Douglas DC-Three flown by Frontier Airways from Denver to Gunnison, Colorado—she thought she is perhaps thinking about turning into a stewardess. It was 1959, in spite of everything. After a second journey aloft, her flight again to Denver—invited as much as the cockpit by the pilots on that vacant flight—she knew she needed to fly up entrance. “I went forward into the cockpit, and I was just floored at what I saw,” she stated in a 2009 interview. “It just grabbed me; we were just coming over the mountains.” When she requested if a “girl” might take classes, the affirmative reply took her to Clinton Aviation, at Stapleton Airport, the place she would finally grow to be a flight teacher, and a pilot examiner.

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James Albert

James Albert is a personal-finance analist for FintechZoom and is based in New York.


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