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bitcoin atm locations
bitcoin atm locations

Which are the top 5 countries with more bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM

JANUARY 9, 2020 / 16:30 UTC

LONDON (Fintech Zoom) – Bitcoin ATM Locations – A lot of people are entering in the market of bitcoin, they are preferring to use bitcoin as payment method rather than money, especially in the areas of United States. To cope with the increasing demand, machine called as bitcoin ATMs are manufactured to entertain users. It is a two way machine where a digital currency trader can buy bitcoin from cash and sell bitcoin as well.

  1. United States
    United States has the most number of bitcoins ATMs as compared to any other country. These ATMs are located at 4480 areas in different states of U.S. in 2017 the statistics were only 1000 which the huge increase in demand of digital currency.
  2. Canada
    The vary first bitcoin ATMs was opened in Vancouver, Canada. It facilitate consumers to exchange their credits of the digital currency for cash and vice-versa. 754 bitcoin ATMs ae located there.
  3. United Kingdom
    307 bitcoins ATMs are located there. A project named as Bitchains (Bitcoin ATMs provider) Plans Rural Expansion before Heading to Major Cities has been started in U.K. so that the statistics can be increased.
  4. Austria
    212 bitcoins ATMs are located there. A company name Kurant is most trusted supplier of Bitcoins ATMs in Austria.
  5. Spain
    85 bitcoins ATMS in Spain. The Bitnovo Company is the frontier in implementing and expanding this network of ATMs throughout Spain, along with the ATM distributor Enjoy point, which is responsible for extending this cryptocurrency network.
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