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Bitcoin ‘s price jumped 458.67 USD in 3h 49m , rising to a 30-day high of 7,986 USD.

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Bitcoin Price

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Bitcoin Price January 7 – Bitcoin ‘s price jumped

Bitcoin ‘s price jumped – At the time of writing (08:49 UTC 2020), Bitcoin price is 7,873.30 USD.

Bitcoin started the day (00:01 UTC) at 7,798.43 USD.

Bitcoin’s price jumped 458.67 USD in 3h 49m , rising to a 30-day high of 7,986 USD.


Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Influencers – Bitcoin ‘s price jumped

It remains unclear, then, exactly why bitcoin jumped. Talks surrounding BTC’s use case as a safe haven asset are dominating investor channels amid the backdrop of the Iran/US tensions that have been ongoing since Jan. 3.

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According do CNN, 11 hr 52 min ago, US notifies Iraq of troop movement, but does not confirm withdrawal, official says

The US has notified Iraq of the repositioning of some of its troops, a US official with direct knowledge told CNN today.

The US official in Baghdad told CNN this is just a notification about repositioning of troops from one place to another within the region. The official said these notifications are standard based on a number of movements. “In particular, tonight we were going to have a lot of helicopters flying through Baghdad and it shows that we operate within the laws of the government of Iraq.”

The official continued, “We are still very much partnered with the Iraqi security forces and while our training mission and operations to defeat ISIS in Iraq have paused we look forward to resume those operations at a moment’s notice. Most of these troops being repositioned are involved in the training mission are in administrative roles.”

Another US official confirmed the authenticity of a letter viewed by CNN from the US Department of Defense to the Iraqi Defense Ministry, which discusses the movement of troops in the region.


Dow Jones

At the time of writing the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is up 0.25 percent while the S&P 500 (SPX) is up 0.35 percent. Crude oil (USOIL) has taken a small hit and is down 0.35 percent so the narrative of BTC being a safe haven asset during times of uncertainty remains unclear at this stage.


Other Major Cryptos

Other major cryptos such as ether and XRP are up significantly by 5.76 and 11.18 percent respectively.


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Bitcoin ‘s price jumped.

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