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burger king bitcoin
burger king bitcoin

Burger King accepts Bitcoin as a payment method

Fast food chain Burger King has announced a partnership with Cryptobuyer, which now allows it to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Cryptobuyer announced the news on his twitter, Burger King accepted payment in cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, only in a specific store.


Cryptobuyer CEO Jorge Farías said he plans to incorporate payment-grade cryptocurrency in January into 40 stores across Venezuela.

This month, Cryptobuyer plans to deploy two new tokens, which can be used in all merchants operating with Cryptobuyer Pay.

Dash CEO Ryan Taylor also commented on the new partnership.


Burger King recently announced a partnership with GoCrypto in Slovenia that allows payments with Bitcoin Cash.

“It’s official that Burger King has just accepted Bitcoin Cash as a payment option in Slovenia. Burger King is now part of the GoCrypto family and is BK’s first physical location in the world to accept cryptocurrencies, ”

said Eljan CEO Dejan Roljic, who oversees GoCrypto in a video.

The fast food chain has been accepting Bitcoin payments since September 2019. As early as 2017, Burger King Russia announced that it would accept Bitcoin payments and then introduced its own cryptocurrency called Whoppercoin.

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