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coronavirus bitcoin price
coronavirus bitcoin price

Will Coronavirus influence Bitcoin Price?

Coronavirus Live Updates: China Suspends Travel From More Cities, First Death Outside Epicenter Reported

Will Coronavirus influence Bitcoin Price? – The travel restrictions imposed on Wuhan were extended to at least four more cities. At least 18 people have died and more than 600 have been sickened by a mysterious illness.

The authorities confirmed the first death outside of the virus’s epicenter, in a province more than 600 miles to the north.

An outbreak is spreading. Here’s what you need to know:

  • First death confirmed outside of virus epicenter
  • The authorities suspend travel from more cities, affecting millions.
  • Residents in Wuhan are nervous. Some are also angry.
  • Who are the victims?
  • ‘I feel extremely powerless,’ says a SARS expert, raising an alarm.
  • What is a coronavirus and why is it so dangerous?
  • Some residents worry the government is underreporting cases.

A patient died in the province of Hebei — more than 600 miles north of the city where the outbreak began — after contracting the new coronavirus, the provincial authorities announced on Thursday. It was the first confirmed death outside of the virus’s epicenter.

The victim was an 80-year-old man who had lived in the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak originated, for more than two months, according to Hebei’s provincial health department. Wuhan is a major port city of 11 million in the province of Hubei, where all of the 17 previously reported deaths have taken place.

The victim died on Wednesday, but officials did not confirm that he had died of the coronavirus until Thursday, the Hebei provincial announcement said.

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The announcement did not say when the man had returned to Hebei Province from Wuhan, but said that he had developed chest tightness and difficulty breathing after his return. Like many of the other confirmed victims of the virus, he appeared to have other underlying health issues: After being admitted to a hospital, he also was treated for high blood pressure, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, the authorities said.


The railway station in Wuhan on Thursday, where only a few passengers were debarking trains, and residents had been told that they could not board any trains.
Credit…Chris Buckley/The New York Times

The authorities expanded travel restrictions to several Chinese cities near Wuhan hours after announcing that the death toll and number of cases had risen sharply. Currently, at least 18 victims have been confirmed dead and more than 600 infected.

The restrictions on train and other forms of travel will apply to tens of millions of people and come just days before the Lunar New Year holiday, when hundreds of millions of people travel around and out of the country.

The Chinese authorities on Thursday morning closed off Wuhan by canceling flights and trains leaving the city, and suspending buses, subways and ferries within it. Late on Thursday, the local authorities also announced that they would suspend for-hire vehicles and impose limitations on taxis, beginning at noon on Friday.

By evening, officials planned to close off Huanggang, a city of seven million about 30 miles east of Wuhan, shut rail stations in the nearby city of Ezhou, which has about one million residents, and impose travel restrictions on the smaller cities of Chibi and Zhijiang as well.

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Bitcoin Price is very sensitive to various geopolitical factors – Will Coronavirus influence Bitcoin Price?

It won’t be right to say that the major cryptocurrency has somehow seriously reacted to the current situation with the virus in China. The current Bitcoin priceis under $8,400, though a couple of days ago it ago the prices were close to the $9,000 level.

However, we all know that Bitcoin is very sensitive to various geopolitical factors. Due to the well-known U.S.-Iran tensions, Bitcoin managed to climb to its near-two-month high of $9,194.99. It happened on January 13. But the positive tendency failed to continue as soon as the tensions cooled off.

Will Coranavirus influence Bitcoin Price?

Who said the war in Iran would not influence the Bitcoin price? It’s now 8,316 USD…

The Bitcoin Price of 9,000 USD is very close on the horizon.

Bitcoin price rises to 30,498 USD in Iran

Is there a connection between Bitcoin Price and a possible…


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