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Bitcoin and Crypto Markets: What To Watch For In 2020

What To Watch For In 2020

Bitcoin and Crypto Market – 2020 is going to be an exciting year for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets for many reasons, a few of which really stand out. The upcoming Bitcoin halving and a possible ETF in the U.S. could drive the price up, but what will happen with the countless other cryptocurrencies on the market? How will Facebook’s Libra, shifting regulations, and government cryptocurrencies impact the markets and global adoption?


As we enter 2020, Bitcoin shows no indication of giving up its throne as the king of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin will likely remain this way for at least the next few years, even as we see more businesses and governments introducing their own digital assets. That’s because over the past 10+ years, Bitcoin has proven itself as a long-term investment and store of value. While the price of Bitcoin was a bit of a disappointment in 2019, I predict that the price will spike to $11,000 around the halving event in May. The communities that believe in Bitcoin will continue to HODL, regardless of price fluctuations. I also expect an ETF to pass in the U.S. this year, which could further spark activity among traditional investors and wealth managers.


As the crypto markets mature, every project needs to have a viable use case, a strong community, and an experienced leadership team to succeed. During the crypto boom of 2017, we saw thousands of cryptocurrencies enter the market. Many of these either turned out to be scams, or held promise but were poorly managed. This year, we’ll continue to see scammers and inexperienced leadership teams exposed, and many more cryptocurrencies will nosedive to zero value. Their teams will fade away or move on to other projects. This will be a net positive for the crypto ecosystem, as we desperately need quality over quantity to reach mainstream consumers.

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I expect cryptocurrency adoption to grow as companies deliver products and services that make it easier to use. People are beginning to see the value that cryptocurrency brings to the world — and that includes politicians. Government leaders are wrestling with how they will leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as we enter this new decade. China’s central bank is doubling down on its efforts to launch a cryptocurrency, and other countries are likely to do the same. This year, we’ll see more governments and business leaders announce their own cryptocurrencies. While this legitimizes the industry, we must stay skeptical. Ask yourself what the motivation is behind these projects, and if they’re in it for the right reasons.


The most influential of these will be Facebook’s Libra, which continues to dominate industry conversation. When Libra launched last year, it not only signaled a sea change in the industry, but forced regulators to take crypto seriously. It’s also forced other tech giants to reckon with the future of blockchain technology.


All eyes will be on Bitcoin’s price, Libra, and how governments will challenge crypto in 2020. Since the Bitcoin network launched in 2009, there’s never been a dull moment in crypto. One thing’s for sure: This year will be no different.

About Bitcoin Price Prediction:

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Robert Beadles

Robert “Crypto” Beadles is a prominent cryptocurrency influencer on YouTube and throughout the cryptocurrency market.

Beadles advises Cryptocurrency projects through their ICO, blockchain development and marketing endeavors. Beadles owns numerous patents and trademarks and develops ideas and projects and various clients.

Beadles created Splash Factory LLC with prominent UFC Legend Urijah Faber. They focus on blockchain development, community management, and marketing services.


  • i think crypto currencies will grow over the years it will replace cash as well. its advance technology you are experience to have a bank of yourself. thankyou for this wonderful article

  • No matter what people say about crypto being a risky investment, i will always believe that they are wrong. Crypto will be used more as we progress to a more digital era. These companies and big named people would realize the worth of cryptocurrency and would regret they didn’t jump ship earlier.

  • Not only is he an amazing influence. He is one of the most kind down to earth people in the space. He has a heart of gold and is in it to help others gain knowledge in the crypto space. His following is also an amazing group of individuals with a very positive influence. I have followed Beads for some time and he is making a major difference in the crypto space. #Monarch wallet for life the best wallet out if you do not have it download it now. Much love and thanks for all you do Beads God Bless.

  • I believe that bitcoin prize would reached up to 11000$ as it reaches the bitcoin halving in may. It has been the trend since the first bitcoin halving.

  • Robert crypto Beadles best crypto teacher ever..if you wanna know about crypto,alts & coin watch his video you will easily understand what you wanna know.

  • Overall, 2020 will be an important year for the evolution of the price of Bitcoin. The price rose again in 2019, after some sharp declines in 2018. Will 2020 be another great year? Thanks Robert You are everywhere…

  • As my experienced here in crypto world, it gives a lot especially we will know how to value the cryptocurrency that can be our own bank without hassle. Thank you for this great article you’ll shared to us.

  • As mentioned in this article, Libra did in fact force financial institutions and governments to take crypto seriously. I agree that bitcoin will be king and as time goes on many schemes will pop up to try to get you to buy their coins with your precious bitcoin. 2020 might be a new year, so hopefully we see mass adoption in key areas such as payment services or acceptance by small businesses continue. I do know that here in the US the tax regulators are adding new laws to work with holders wherever possible to nickle and dime us all. With that being said, if the tax man approves then it’s legitimate so to speak hahah.

  • I am very excited to see where Bitcoin goes this year. I do see a lot more adoption in business in the future as more people become familiar with it.


  • I believe that cryptocurencies wiil still grow and be developed over the years.We can see the that there are banks and atms for withdrawing bitcoins. I hope that someday bitcoin would be one of primary mode of payments because it more secure and easy to use.

  • Great comment my friend, Bitcoin will be a crypto king for many years,and the whole economy will move to the rhythm of that currency.

  • Another great article… Cant wait to see what btc does around may. 90% of my $ is in bch anyways. I know bch is going to explode again. Keep up your work. 👍

  • 2020 is the year of Bitcoin, and libra will gain too much attention and will definitely make payments much easier than any other cryptocurrency did because of the large amount of users that Facebook have which is more than 2 billion monthly users. And that will give libra too much value. Great topic and even explained greater by you sir, god bless

  • I cant go for libra
    But can go for more on $BTC and $BCH

    BUT anyways we cant predict the upcoming hype on blockchain so we better always stock bags of have a potential and a have a great fight in this big competition at the market


  • Cant wait for the BTC halving on May. This will defenitely going to be to the moon! Excited for whats next in 2020! – Timmy

  • Like it or not, Bitcoin still the leader in cruptocurrency. Its price affect all alt coins and crypto market. With some countries ready to adopt cruptocurrency, perhaps Bitcoin will give huge profit for anyone who hodl it

  • Very nice article Robert! I also think, that 2020 will be a breakthrough for cryptocurrencies!
    It is impossible to accurately predict what will happen in the future, but now everything indicates that the world will become tokenized, and most of the world capital will be converted into digital assets.

  • This would be great! Especially to cryptocurrency holders. Now that it seems crypto will be the future currency worldwide. It has a big advantage and potential over the years.

  • This would be great! Especially to cryptocurrency holders. Now that it seems crypto will be the future currency worldwide. It has a big advantage and potential over the years. Also digital currency is getting wider. Many people are getting interested to know more about it

  • thanks for sharing your knowledge in crypto currency mr. beadles. goodluck to your carrer and more project to come so more people u can help on your project thanks.

  • Good forward thinking article…not only chasing price, but thinking further about use cases, adoption and how the space can mature overall! Valuable contribution, Robert.

  • 2020 will be a very exciting time in crypto. Everything built in the 2019 bear market will start to mature and take fruit. The halving will certainly be a catalyst for upward price trends but i dont think we will hit the ATH until closer to the end of 2020 (call me a worn out bear). The ones that built there crypto holdings over the extended bear market should be handsomely rewarded for there patience

  • Excellent review of what we have in store in 2020. Your views are from a global perspective and overview of how crypto industry will forray for the year. Thank you for sharing. I’m an MT Hodler since the launch and will remain for years to come. I’m also sure Monarch will be one among those projects which will scale to new heights. I really appreciate all that you’re doing to promote crypto mass adoption extensively on several platforms.

  • The truth is that the price of bitcoin would always and most likely go as in the past. This is because of the limited nature of bitcoin and its demand too coupled with the ones that lost their funds/seed phrase carelessly or by hackers. It’s also worth mentioning that as the day goes by more of the true genuine cryptos with proper use case would stay and this is very healthy for the crypto space in general cos we can’t afford to be having newbies losing their funds just like that to scam projects as in 2017.

  • Thank you Mr.Robert Beadles for letting us know about crypto.Great article.I believe that bitcoin and all crypto will rise this year 2020.

  • Thank you sir @RobertBeadles for always educating us about crpyto. This really help us grow in crypto world. God bless you more for your generosity, perseverance and dedication through helping many people. More power to you!

  • It is very likely that cryptocurrency will succeed … Because many countries have legalized crypto,And continue to increase the number of investors around the world … This is a breath of fresh air for crypto,And I believe cryptocurrrncy is a trend now and in the future

  • “The communities that believe in Bitcoin will continue to HODL, regardless of price fluctuations.” Exactly! I can’t wait for halving in May! Thank you Mr. Beadles for your great article. -@mohammadr3zam

  • I expect cryptocurrency adoption to grow as companies deliver products and services that make it easier to use. People are beginning to see the value that cryptocurrency brings to the world and that includes politicians 🙏

  • I still think bear market for another year but I’m a rookie still who actually knows. One thing is for sure crypto is only gonna become more and more popular as time goes on

  • I’m here to win but I will give an insight for 2020 Cryptocurrency Era. Bitcoin was a great opportunity to everyone it can explode price on a highest peak. In my oppinion the best 5 alts with great potential with a use cases to be considered in this year:

    1. ADA (Cardano)
    2. LINK (Chainlink)
    3. OKB
    4. ETH (Ethereum)
    5. ERD (Elrond)

    I hope you like my opinion and consider it for a great profit. Godbless Everyone!

  • I agree with everything you said here, especially the possibility of SEC approval of the Bitcoin ETF in the US. The possibility of it being approved, if I’m not mistaken, was already confirmed by Dalia Blass, director of the Division of Investment Management at the SEC, but when, it’s still not on their table. However, considering that the Commission continues to receive a large number of applications, they will certainly give in to it, but it will not be an easy acceptance unless all of their potential concerns are addressed, especially the issue of trading manipulation. But overall, if it gets approved, it would certainly drive the price of BTC way higher than what we’ve seen back in the 2017 BTC rally.

  • 2020 will be the year of Blockchain itself… so many development and adoption… and Goverment should accept blockchain as technology for future, not ban em for threat…

  • As a newbie in crypto I have so much to learn.I always love reading watching your videos, it gives so much idea to the crypto community..crypto is the new wallet for the next generation.I wanted to gain my knowledge on how can I use it..Good Job Mr.beadles.

  • As a newbie in crypto I have so much to learn.I always like reading and watching your videos, it gives so much idea to the crypto community..crypto is the new wallet for the next generation.I wanted to gain my knowledge on how can I use it..Good Job Mr.beadles.

  • I agree with your predictions about the fate of crypto currencies this year and in the future especially Bitcoin. Crypto has proven itself to be useful even to countries suffering hyper inflation that’s why i believe that more and more countries will embrace it and use it in their systems. What we need to do now is to start early so in the years to come we will benefit on crypto and not be left behind. More power to you sir and continue to be a light for the whole crypto community! Godspeed

  • in the event that only the legit projects will prevail in the future starting 2020,thats a Huge boost not only for the repspective project and the whole crypto ecosystem but also for the normal investors like us. There will be a small margin of error in terms of investing and picking your fave projects because many of the scammy ones will stop operating.

    While on Bitcoin, yes thats true, many projects or coins will correct his flaws like transaction speeds, the speed, etc.. But one thing for sure Sir Robert,
    There can only be one King, and its BITCOIN

  • Libra has been a blip on the radar for me so far. I’m focused more on exploring altcoins and dapps that make crypto adoption really easy and appealing. As far as Bitcoin halving, we’ll have to wait and see! Thanks for sharing your article!

  • Bitcoin continues to dominate the market and its dominance is only increasing every day
    It feels so great to see all these use cases being developed every day and at same time compitition is increasing

    The inefficient ones or scamsters are getting rooted out making crypto a safer space

    With countries developing their own stable coins like british virgin islands , chinese govt doubling down
    Its a matter of time that US has to follow suit

    Big Corporates entering is a blessing in disguise as the level of resources and goodwill they bring to the table is unmatched

    2019 was a big awareness year for cryptocurrencies
    Expecting more from 2020
    Hopeful and optimistic about the future of crypto
    My bch address

  • Lookin forward to these:
    -Bitcoin’s price, Libra, and how governments will challenge crypto in 2020.
    The most awaited will be the bitcoin halving in May. Definitely gonna hodl $BTC and few alts. Thank you Mr. Beadles for creating this great article. It’s on point! 💯Godbless ya more. ❤

  • Bitcoin goes up. Bitcoin goes down. Its volatility is a big reason why some people love it so much. As I wrote. Sometimes you just have to accept the crypto markets as they are… We’ll see how the Chinese New Year shakes out. There should be a lull in trading coming soon…And sure enough, that lull came pretty quickly. Great article bud! #ilovemonarchtoken

  • thanks for sharing article.. this is awesome ☘️☘️🙏💯


  • Thumbs up, one of the best article to read cryptobeadles bro. BTC is hovering around $8700, which is still quite a substantial gain from the $7194.89 that opened this year. Be patient. Blockchain investing is best thought of as a long-term game. Take some profits on pumps, so you can put some of that powder back in when it dumps. Don’t fret. Don’t leverage. Keep doing research on projects that excite you. Get rid of the $hitcoins that haven’t delivered on their promises and put the proceeds into the new coins you have researched.

  • For sure you have a good Feel for this. I think that you’re right at the price is only going to go up a little bit. Still at that level it is really good. As More governments come into this it’ll help us a lot. I hope that our government in the US looks at bitcoin the right way. Thanks again for all you do for this industry.

  • These days the price of Bitcoin and other top cryptos are increasing. Market condition seems bullish. How far this bull run can go?

    Market will be bullish…
    Up to the last of this month?
    Up to the next week?
    Up to the end of February 2020?
    Or It is not bullish?

    Nobody knows but I’m positive about this year for btc to go up more.

    Thanks Crypto Beadles for awesome article.

  • Bitcoin keeps soaring to new 2020 highs ahead of the May halving event. It has been predicted that the asset will grow significantly in value following the scarcity and demand likely to be created by the Satoshi Nakamoto four-year rule.

  • Bitcoin price is teetering after extending the gains above the previous hurdle. The gains are a reflection of the general bullish weather within the cryptocurrency market. Cryptoassets such as Bitcoin SV are up more than 100% in less than 24 hours. Looking at the 4-hour chart, one can tell that Bitcoin indeed succeeded in the hunt for a bottom. The crypto winter in the third and fourth quarters of 2019 saw Bitcoin plunge to lows around $6,500. The reversal from the December low has sustained a formidable uptrend in spite of the frequent up and down movements.

  • From a technical perspective, Bitcoin is likely to find support above $8,500 if not $8,700. As the dust settles in the crypto market, the buyers will gain strength to pull Bitcoin past $9,000. For now, traders need to be on the lookout for a reversal movement by the RSI. The motion towards the level at 50 will be a key indicator of a bearish correction.

  • I reckon with everything said in this article and am glad to be one of the beneficiaries of this knowledge, my major highlights from the article are
    1. The upcoming Bitcoin halving and a possible ETF in the U.S. Which would definitely drive prices up, so for me now is for accumulation
    2. The Sad reality that many more cryptocurrencies will nosedive to zero value, for in recent times we have seen this as a trend, and abandoning projects
    3. scammers and inexperienced leadership teams exposed, also in the same vein, some ignorant noobs will be victims also of scams
    4. Mainstream Adoption and Regulations will be very hot topic in 2020

    Thank You for taking time to make this article

  • There is no wealth as knowledge and no poverty greater than ignorance, in this article you have not only made me abreast of what to expect in this 2020, but you have also enabled me make some decisions which I believe will better my life and long term future. A crypto gains ground for adoption, there will be many winners and losers and this article has positioned me to be among the winners

  • Crypto world will be the new trend in this 2020 and upcoming years because of this technology no government will dictate what to do. But for me I will invest bitcoin because I think bitcoin will be rare in the future and will become gold to diamond.

  • Yes i do agreed that the bitcoin still remains the king of crypto, Looking forward to see many country to launch their own crypto currency like our country, Philippines. I think not half of our population knows about crypto, but just 25 %. Thanks for sharing this to us sir Robert u always love sharibg ur knowledge godbless!.

  • Bitcoin has been caught within a firm bull market throughout 2020, which has allowed the cryptocurrency to garner some notable momentum that led it to climb from year-to-date lows of $6,800 to highs of $9,200. BTC the only one king of cryptocurrencies.

  • Im pretty interested to see if at any point in the future, will another coin take over the marketcap of bitcoin! Also i would hope the govt can be lenient on crypto tax, otherwise people will likely find ways around it (privacy coins)! Regardless im looking forward to the crypto future and learning as we get there 😀

  • OK Sir! You supposed that this Crypto Growth will remain in near future but what about the G7 Session of 2019? Thaey decided to prevent Crypto especially BTC becoming more valuable and without their supervision! How do you think?

  • This year may be a breakthrough for the crypto market in a way. As you wrote, halving btc, libra etc. Honestly, I’m excited about what’s going to happen! We just have to keep our hand on the pulse

  • I agree that 2020 will be a remarkable year in terms of crypto, especially BTC. I agree with the price range of 11-13k dollar price range around the halving. China dominium is influencing the overall price and we need more quality projects like Monarch to continue our road to mass adoption!

  • Great on-point overview on the potential trends & events for the cryptosphere in this 2020. From the BTC uptrend prediction before the halving which we’ll very likely see (I honestly think it will pass $11K but that is just me) to the regulatory-related crypto topics such as Libra, ETF, government-backed cryptocurrencies and also including the weeding out of projects that won’t be able to continue for different reasons, all these predictions are on point IMO and will happen most likely in 2020. In regards to the coming of more businesses into crypto legitimizing the industry, I would just say that this legitimization will be the case only for the outsider’s eyes and not for us because we all know that crypto is legit (in all industries there are scams so that is part of every ecosystem and outsiders should not focus on that but on the actual tech & check it by themselves). so outsiders would do good to themselves by following your advise to be skeptical and “Ask yourself what the motivation is behind these projects, and if they’re in it for the right reasons.” Personally, I would just add that #Defi need to prove its strength & resilience as many #Defi projects still have centralized & closed-sourced components which are prone to hacking (e.g. stealing of funds, etc) which if occurs will give a wake up call to many in the industry but eventually leading to more transparency & strength to the whole ecosystem. Besides that, IMO some middleware protocols like Chainlink will start seeing more adoption/traction as more businesses/startups are on-boarded into crypto. Apart from strictly financial protocols/systems, #cryptoart will keep flourishing “in silence” as more artists convert their creations to #NFTs and mixed them with VR, AR & the upcoming MR (Mixed Reality), there is a lot of untapped potential in cryptoart. Recently an #NFT lending platform called Rocket (@RocketNFT) that allows you to lend/borrow #NFTs for $Dai was launched bringing more liquidity to artists, buyers & resellers in the #NFT space, this is very interesting as it can be the beginning of #Defi for #Cryptoart & I say the beginning because there are still many unexplored & non-traditional ways in which cryptoeconomics can be merged with #cryptoart leading to interesting monetization models & opportunities. To be fair, there is more development under the radar in #Cryptoart as Binance, Gemini & others are getting gradually their feet wet into it, hence I believe we will see much more movement in that front this year. So generally speaking, great prospects for crypto in different fronts in this 2020. Thanks for sharing with us this article & your insights.

  • What I would give to have a bitcoin or have invested in it from the start. I’m a lte bloomer in the crypto world but I really want to invest in the future for my son. Thanks for the good information.

  • Hey Sir Beadles,

    Yes, 2020 will totally be a different year with all the things that is going on with crypto. Start of the year BTC has boost to the moon with the value and for sure the price will certain go up and down. There are some as well that is to watch out as you said Libra, I think it would be a learning process as well before people get into it, like Facebook itself, when it was release people are not really going for it, mostly professionals use it as a form of communication and advertisement of their business but look at where Facebook is right now. Libra, once it would be embed to Facebook it would be big, imagine being used a source of payment to purchase in-game apps to Facebook, people will go for it. A lot of people use Facebook for their leisure time. So most likely when it would be introduce it would be big.

    We never know what would happen this 2020 but all we got to do is to prepare at all cause. Thank you so much sir beadles.

  • I’m sure everyone’s going to think it’s the halving and all that good stuff. And that obviously is a major driver for Bitcoin, of course. But I think an answer that perhaps some people are not considering right now is going to be, 1) the U.S. elections. I do think that actually does have some insight into Bitcoin because we’ve seen that the U.S. setting interest rates actually does have corollaries into driving Bitcoin price action. So, whoever gets elected on this next go round is essentially going to be able to work around with the Fed. Right now, we have a very interesting situation with Trump and the current head of the Fed — and you know how that whole thing goes. But I think that’s one of the things that people are not really considering right now that’s not an obvious one.

  • Couldnt agree more with you in regards with ICOs and overwhelming majority of the altcoins – they are dead and they will not be back and skyrocket to the Moon lol.
    I know its hard to understand for some people expecially those who put a lot of money in those projects and are still Hodling shitcoins – that was a scam to steal the money from people , its game over . I hope everyone has learned a painfull lesson and now are more carefull where to invest their money.

  • Couldnt agree more with you in regards with ICOs and overwhelming majority of the altcoins – they are dead and they will not be back and skyrocket to the Moon lol.
    I know its hard to understand for some people expecially those who put a lot of money in those projects and are still Hodling shitcoins – that was a scam to steal the money from people , its game over . I hope everyone has learned a painfull lesson and now people are more carefull where to invest their money.

  • Just some speculation i thought about, first bitcoin, it could go higher. There are several point that indicate possible higher growth. They are:
    1. Rising tensions at Middle East. You could see how the crisis induced simultaneous jump of oil, gold and bitcoin.
    2. Possible introduction of a centralized digital money in China
    3. Bitcoin halving some time this year
    4. Steady rise of Hash Rate and Mining Difficulty which are the best predictors of rise.
    What i wrote is NOT a financial analysis or anything.

  • Yes, it is true that the crypto market is a very savage one and that it offers very futuristic technological and speculative assets, assets that are difficult to understand for the vast majority. But with a minimum education in the field, almost anyone can uncover their immense potential. Although the dollar value of a Bitcoin fluctuates, not only from year to year, but also from day to day, looking at it from a few years’ perspective, the trend is upward, and it seems that it is keeping up for almost 10 years. You don’t have to lose in crypto if you are smart enough and lucid, observing at the same time certain tendencies, taking into account obvious cycles, and BTC halvings that take place once a few years, which seem to affect the price a lot.

  • 2020 will be different from all years so far, even compared to 2017 when the crypto market saw probably the most spectacular explosion of prices. There are more than two years in which smart investors have accumulated valuable assets at very low prices, we have a halving at a few months away, and a Bitcoin that is about to hit $ 10,000 even in January, and we are nearly four months away from halving. What will BTC worth a year from now then?

  • 2020 does not seem to be similar with any year and I think that is precisely why it will be very different compared to 2017, and compared to 2018, but also to 2019, the last three years when both myself and my friend were present in the crypto world. I am far too ignorant to predict how much the BTC will reach, max in 2020, or how much I will gain because I have had confidence and patience and have not surrendered neither in December, nor in January, to the fear generated selling pressure, but I strongly believe, that many will remain stoned when they will see the new ATHs in crypto. 2020 is likely to be the first segment in what may be a bull market of several years and you might have heard that before, or figured out for yourself.

  • I am 100% sure, without having strong trading skills or any TA knowledge, that the crypto market trend has changed radically and that we can finally talk about “the sky is the limit” in the coming years, and I am sure I would not invest right now in anything else but crypto. That’s why I didn’t sell anything when everything was going down, and I also think the accumulation period is nearing the end.

  • You made a very clear statement sir about crypto and blockchain technology for this year, so thankful for being connected and updated with your blogs…
    Crypto mass adoption will continue to rise because it has proven that many people was change monetarily and made a better life like you sir and many other early crypto adopters.
    Bitcoin will surely shoot to where it should be because of crypto content creators who were tirelessly engaging in a regular bases promoting and sharing their best to make crypto understandable to new learners, sharing free crypto is one of the best educational way of doing it. Nothing of those days sending money accross boarders without spending much fee compare to crypto….
    Hope to see you sir spreading the gospel of crypto till everyone knows and understand well about it. God Bless!

  • Hey Sir Beadles, Yes, 2020 will totally be a different year with all the things that is going on with crypto. Start of the year BTC has boost to the moon with the value and for sure the price will certain go up and down. There are some as well that is to watch out as you said Libra, I think it would be a learning process as well before people get into it, like Facebook itself, when it was release people are not really going for it, mostly professionals use it as a form of communication and advertisement of their business but look at where Facebook is right now. Libra, once it would be embed to Facebook it would be big, imagine being used a source of payment to purchase in-game apps to Facebook, people will go for it. A lot of people use Facebook for their leisure time. So most likely when it would be introduce it would be big. We never know what would happen this 2020 but all we got to do is to prepare at all cause. Thank you so much sir beadles.

  • Been witnessing some “swapped” happened from a failed crypto project mostly those who FOMO & created their own “deflation token” and/or project that was taken over by some other project “just to save the dying token from the previous owners”.

    I also believe that the King Bitcoin will rise up after the heartbreaks it gave last 2019.

    Anyway, thank you for this insightful message Mr. Beads.

  • This article are really informative all u need to know about crypto, and yes not all crypto currency turns in success others are scam,. we are still watching for btc this year, hope to read more articles from u sir robert. more power

  • I’m not so sure BTC’s halving will pump the price this time, maybe after the halving price could raise but in the end, everybody is waiting for next bull run and it will arrive sooner or leater.
    EFT could be a surprise factor more than halving imho. I think we need even altcoins, they make experiments, they try to differentiate and that’s good for the cryptos world, less for investors of course.
    Libra? probably it will be a good business (but only for FB 🙁 not for consumers ).
    I hope this year use of wallet will become simple as every grandma and grandpa as Warren Buffet can use without problems; that will be the real start for mass adoption.
    Thanks Robert, your infos and analysis are always welcomed and meaningful!

  • There is a popular Italian proverb that says “A good beginning makes a good ending”

    Despite the fact that 2019 was not a good year for Bitcoin and the crypto market at large, some of these cryptocurrencies most especially Bitcoin have started year 2020 with a bang with the recent surge experienced in the Price of Bitcoin and some other altcoins. This is definitely a good beginning for the crypto market as it is a great improvement towards experiencing a smooth ride and a good ending for the year, as an analogy to the Italian proverb.

    Ever since blockchain technology and the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, there have been massive growth in the crypto market. A significant number of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups keeps coming in from time to time to be a vital part of the ecosystem. Taking into account the fact that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is slowly but surely taking over the race, it is only normal and practically inherent to see developers and companies build and launch their own blockchain-based community startups for various fields, professions, and industries. We saw a good number of economic-based terminologies such as freelancing, the Sharing Economy and E-commerce threading through that path already with the launch of blockchain-based marketplaces like CANwork and Origin, and I believe others won’t be an exception.

    And as such, I expect more blockchain-based and cryptocurrency community startups that are offering unique services in various fields, professions and industries to show forth this year.

    Concerning the price of Bitcoin, I think If $8200 breaks, we have $2,000 dollar Bitcoin to look forward to! Also an altcoin Bear Market! But, If it holds and we go up we can look forward to 250,000 dollar Bitcoin after halving, which is way higher than your own $15,000 predictiom! I’m very bullish about that..smiles!

    I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me that “Crypto is like the Sea, you can never turn your back on it! This particular point has been established with recent developments that has been happening in the crypto market such as the launch of Facebook’s Libra, China’s effort towards launching a cryptocurrency and a possible ETF in the US just as you mentioned above. And as a result, I see us getting ten steps ahead towards reaching mainstream or mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2020.

    Thanks for sharing this nice articles!

  • Im totally dissapointed with the movement of bitcoin but still, I remain my stand of seeing it success in the next coming years or decade. Since 2017, I highly raise my hopes as I see the coming of adoption from new altcoins popping to the bitcoin climbing up. But yeah, it turns out that all of that was whoop away by a single scam and probably more. This 2020, I really dont raise my hopes and maybe yeah theres a spike coming but I think two or three folds again will come downward. I hope this Libra and other darkhorse crypto coming will sort thing out for us and see a bright future. Awesome insight bdw, Sir beadles.

  • It was an awesome indeed to start the year when BTC climb the ladder to 9k. But seeing and observing the behavior of the btc in the past, that is just a simple spike you see, I was one of the kid who enter the market in 2017 thinking that this shit gonna make me rich without proper studying what I got into and yes I was rekt. I lost almost 70% of my capital and was stuck with the term HODL and yes until now. I dont see 2020 to be big for the crypto in terms of price but yes we dont know whats gonna happen since scam project are done in 2017 and I think business entering now in blockchain have the proper hold of what is it and how it works. Probably 2020 gonna be the foundation for the coming of great years for BTC i hope.

  • I agree. Bitcoin will always remain as the king of Cryptocurrency. Crypto might be risky but it is good risky investment. Accumulate more and be rewarded eventually.

  • Good insight beads. I actually think that 2020 gonna be a good year for crypto but not that good as 2017. May we see your 11k prrdiction at 2020 but i expect it not to stable at that peak and just maybe rekt to 7k or 8k. Well, its still good to guess since we really cant predict the future or price. Well done

  • Such a great article! Very interesting topic and insights. Iam looking forward to a mass adoption of cryptocurrency specially in my country and it’s great that cryptocurrency is going strong over the years despite of issues and differences.

  • After a rejuvenating 2019, it appears bitcoin is on the rise once more. While its underlying market is virtually inscrutable billions of dollars shuttle between traders in the black market there is one fundamental change on the horizon. Sometime in May, the bitcoin network will automatically reduce its “block reward,” the money paid to miners who secure the network.
    Continuing with my hard-truths tour, I anticipate that Libra will not launch this year at least not in anything close to the format Facebook initially promised.
    Libra has already stained Facebook’s reputation, showing that the company jumped on the blockchain bandwagon without much planning, and it made regulators laser their focus on big tech.

  • I agree that 2020 will be the year of regulations, companies and countries coins. And maybe mass adoption?
    I know that regulations are badly needed to further mass adoption, without those big companies just don’t know what to expect in the future and are less likely to invest money in developing or integrating a Crypto project. But the Blockchain lover in me doesn’t trust regulations and doesn’t want to see governments meddle in the Crypto space, although we can’t have on without the other.
    Seeing countries get their own Coins could be interesting, though we should never forget that one of the core ideas of Blockchain was and is the decentralization of the network, and government controlled Coins will be most likely as centralized as they get. I shiver at the thought of a future in which governments know all our purchase behavior and more. But I am still hopeful that decentralized Cryptocurrencies will rain supreme.
    The Crypto Space is still young, so 2020 will see it’s fair share of new Scams and failed project due to inexperienced teams, no use cases or just bankruptcy. In the end though this is a healthy thing, just like in the WWW era bad projects will fail and the experienced team members will continue to work on the succeeding projects and in so doing strengthen it. Although it will be hard to say what project will survive 2020 one thing is for sure, Blockchain will survive and thrive.

    Let’s make it happen Crypto Fam, let’s make 2020 a milestone in the road to main adoption.

  • 2020 is for sure the most exciting year for Bitcoin! My own prediction for Bitcoin price right before the hallving is $16000. So get some now!

  • Great article! I think BTC will be getting a new ATH after the halving. I really hope for 2020 to be the start of massive adoption and goverment regulations to provide an easier use for a general public.
    About the scammers, they are always there in any financial situation, it can only be avoided by people getting educated about these risk.

  • Bitcoin has been experiencing a lot of fluctuations, which is making the traders and the hodlers worry. But as per the market experts, this is just a matter of time before Bitcoin will emerge again. Bitfury, the Bitcoin Mining giant has launched Exonum Enterprise, the first blockchain built from the ground up to enable large organizations to streamline their business and increase transparency using the Bitcoin Blockchain.

    Furthermore, Bitcoin is the only crypto that has received worldwide attention, awareness, and adoption. It has been accepted by organizations and payment gateways all across the world. Even new milestones are being achieved like Bitcoin hashrate reaching an all-time high of 62 quintillions per second.

  • Bitcoin has been performing quite well and recently it has started with its bull run. This has taken the market by amazement. Now the traders and investors are in a state where they are trying to make optimum utilization of the bull run. The more the trading, the more the price. Moreover, as we know, Bitcoins are scarce in circulation, i.e. there can be only 21 million Bitcoins mined, out of which 17 million has been mined already, which means only 4 million to be mined, which will make its value more. Additionally, several countries like the U.S., Japan, and South Korea have shown extreme willingness to integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into their financial systems by setting up regulated markets that might function freely and securely. By the end of the year 2020, the Bitcoin price will reach $23,499.

  • There has been no pullback since crypto markets erupted a couple of days ago and bitcoin is holding its gains. For the past few hours BTC has been trading just below $8,700 but it started to move again topping $8,800 as it reaches resistance.

    Since January 1st, bitcoin has notched up a gain of 24%; out performing most traditional assets and many of its crypto brethren. Bitcoin dominance has fallen however, following the epic altcoin pump earlier this week. It is currently at 67.5%, its lowest level since late October.

    Popular crypto twitter commentator, ‘Whale Panda’, pulled up a bitcoin price prediction chart drawn back in 2018 by Tradingview user, PentarhUdi. Despite being over 2 years old, PentarhUdi’s work predicted bitcoin’s price movements to date flawlessly.

  • If that uncanny accuracy continues to apply bitcoin should continue to climb throughout the year, breaking its all-time high in June just after the halving.

    Following that, prices could blast all the way up to $70k by the end of 2020.

    Several aspects could influence such a move including the halving which many assert has not been factored into current prices. Add to that the premise of further geopolitical and economic tensions and there is the recipe for a bull market.

    Once bitcoin reaches the five figure level again the FOMO will escalate and new capital should start flowing in.

  • After a rejuvenating 2019, it appears bitcoin is on the rise once more. While its underlying market is virtually inscrutable—billions of dollars shuttle between traders in the black market—there is one fundamental change on the horizon. Sometime in May, the bitcoin network will automatically reduce its “block reward,” the money paid to miners who secure the network.

    While miners currently receive 12.5 bitcoins (market value: $87,000) for adding each new block of transactions, the network will programmatically adjust to provide a smaller payout, a reward of just 6.25 bitcoins. This reduction, which occurs every 210,000 blocks, is called the “halving,” or sometimes, the “halvening.”

  • Blockchain projects continue to fold
    The quiet collapse of the blockchain industry hasn’t made headlines. But projects are absolutely running out of money—and patience. How long are programmers and community managers willing to work on something that doesn’t ship? Or just doesn’t make sense?

    In 2020, I think lots of blockchain developers—and especially researchers—will return to academia. Likewise, the hangers-on in the marketing machine will move on to the next hot thing. Perhaps cannabis or 5G?

  • All right, it’s time to get bold. While there’s been a lot of buzz about China’s digital money experiments (link in Chinese), I’d wager that this is the year when the country will actually release something to the public. The digital currency/electronic payments (DC/EP) plan has been years in the making, and I see little reason why China would continue to wait in the wings.

    While I don’t expect a complete rollout, China might begin limited tests of the DC/EP, perhaps with corporate partners. As the country makes its push onto the world stage and grapples with possible US sanctions, this centrally-planned effort could shift the balance of financial power. And it’s something that few others have the wherewithal to pull off.

    Yes, there are challenges to be ironed out with a digital wallet system, but with the increasing desire for insights into citizen/consumer behavior, a digital currency—issued by and linked to the People’s Bank of China—would provide exactly the leverage the country seeks. My guess would be that this happens in the middle of the year.

  • No juicecolored but I am really aiming more to have Bitcoins and other crypto, Cause I know as every goes it will continue to develop furthermore, that is why we all believe in crypto here in cumminuty.

  • I personally am expecting more than $11,000. That’s the least the price could be. Just like your FED video, History will repeat itself. The Government will leave dollar for cryptocurrency the same way they leave Gold for paper money. ,

  • everyday bitcoin has progressed wether its for better or worst, but we cant take the crown as the king of crypto coz btc contribute big part in crypto currency. We are expecting other successful crypto this 2020, and its good discussing it with you sir robert,.

  • You are expecting ETF approval by the SEC but I don’t think it will pass that soon. I’m watching this type of thought that sec announcing good news for Bitcoin lovers. But Everytime at it disappointed us by a news like SEC delayed. But yes, Bitcoin will rise and shine eventually.

  • All the Reason in your article, from my side I am still waiting for the world to adopt cryptocurrencies, bitcoin will be as you say it will last on the throne for several years, how bad the rises and descents are so explosive that they can be manipulated by large corporations , eh here to the people who do not educate them when it comes to investing, about Libra Waiting for their arrival and will give rise to a Global change, ETF will be approved for the good of all, This 2020 will be quality, but there will always be the amount that makes the distrust in cryptocurrencies regarding scams or projects that never ended up starting and ending in the background.

    We must always see both sides the Good and the Bad.

    Always positive. Waiting for the good and learning from the bad so as not to repeat it.

    Excellent Article Mr Robert. God bless you!


  • I start crypto since 2017,i saw this too thousand cryptocurrencies enter the market. Many of these either turned out to be scams, make icos and exit scam or held promise but were poorly managed i have some of this crypto i have some of this Shitcoin aw! I hope this 2020 will be good! Excited for this Bitcoin halving.

  • Cryptocurrency will definitely make a great impact if more countries adopt them and begin to use them for local trade and that way more people will be enlightened about the need to start using a faster and more convenient way of e-transaction.

  • BTC and the ALT coins, in my opinion, are just starting their next bull run. In a sense, I’m not really bothered by the future prices. I, like you, have got in on the bottom. and it can only UP from hereon.

    With the coming collapse of the FIAT financial system, I and others in the crypto environment can only look forward to a very bright future.

    The only thing to note here is that a global financial crisis could be a very big wildcard in the price of Bitcoin. We’ve yet to see what happens how Bitcoin functions during a recession.

    Either way bitcoin seems to be doubling in value every year on the lower bound, no matter what happens. These gains are undeniable, yet most of the world seems to like to deny them anyway during the bear markets.

  • 2020 is here and its time for some crypto prediction. There is a lot of them already, with some hot topics like the BTC halving, DeFi, ETH going proof of stake, dApps, games etc. All of them interesting topics and worth having a look at.

    My PERSONAL OPINION For Bitcoin I think that we are moving into more classical trading zone and prices. Before 2017 bull market, the only people trading BTC were the tech savvy and the crypto enthusiast, that are mostly optimistic on BTC. Now, as we have seen in official reports there is more traditional traders in the market, the ones that can do shorting as well and that bet on BTC price going down.

    The market is not driving by optimist only, but with more traditional traders as well. Saying this it means that we should have more stable prices so to speak, and no crazy bull or bear runs. This still doesn’t mean that BTC will be stable, it will oscillate a lot but not like from 1k to 20k in 2017, but still can double its price easily and also half its price as well. But no x20 moves in one year. Maybe x2 (x3) moves in a year. Halving is happening next year, and we will see how that will goes. Usually it has a positive impact on the price.

    There are around 45M BTC wallets at the moment. If we compare this to the world population, or just with the number of internet users, that is more than 3 billions at the moment, we can easily see the potential. But things don’t happen fast and in one year. For Bitcoin to reach 1 billion wallets it will take time.

  • Will Bitcoin skyrocket after the 2020 Halving like in 2016?
    Bitcoin saw massive growth after the 2016 halving.
    On May 20th 2020, the third Bitcoin halving will occur. 50% less Bitcoins will be generated every 10 minutes and this could change the value of Bitcoin. Forever.

    This is known as a “Halving” and it has already occurred twice, each time boosting Bitcoins price by at least 10x. Despite increased awareness around Bitcoin, not a lot of people seem to be talking about this.

  • 2019 has been a pretty nice year for Bitcoin and its major peers. However, by the end of September, the crypto market U-turned in a 24-hour period. Due to that, Bitcoin (BTC) has collapsed under $9,000, losing more than 15% in an hour during a mysterious rapid market crash.

    The instant crash was presumably caused by a number of technical issues, but researches still believe that the Bitcoin value will continue to grow. Despite the fact that now BTC is traded below $9,000, it could become a very attractive opportunity for those investors who want to buy the BTC.

    Even though Bitcoin’s price has always been fluctuated frequently, this time a large number of experts share the common opinion that the cryptocurrency will soar up. Bitcoin’s expected value in 2020 and five years ahead may eventually reach $50,000, an all-time high.

    Bitcoin is the one that leads the other cryptocurrencies as a factor in determining the price. There is a serious co-relationship with the fluctuations of Bitcoin’s price and all the other cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s see, what the market experts have to say about predicting Bitcoins’ future.

  • That’s what I believe too.. btc will be the same this year too …. BUT I ALWAYS believe in Bitcoin and crypto currency and I’ll until it become real currency adopted by all over the world.

  • Back in August 2019, Lee predicted that Bitcoin could surge to $20,000 by the end of the year but his prediction turned out to be grossly inaccurate. He also claimed the BTC price would reach a new peak after the US equities. However, the top coin has so far failed to achieve a similar feat while the roaring stock market keeps making headlines with new record highs.

    Fundstrat believes that the market could surge to new highs in 2020 due to a trifecta of halvening, geopolitical issues, and the 2020 election. BTC managed to stand its first major test as a safe haven with its price surging in tandem with major macro assets such as gold and oil during the exacerbation of the Iranian crisis.

    However, the bulls should still exercise caution since there is a good chance that this time could be completely different due to the immense popularity of crypto derivatives.

  • Based on its historic performance, February tends to be the strongest month for Bitcoin with 100 percent of its Februaries closing higher than they opened. February is closely followed by May and June in the ranking, which both scored 83 percent.

    However, it remains difficult to say that a particular month can be considered the strongest one based on its consistency of positive returns. For instance, BTC increased by more than 11 percent in February 2019 but this pales in comparison to the returns that were pocketed by investors in May when the top coin skyrocketed by more than 70 percent in a matter of weeks due to the exacerbation of the US-China trade war.

  • this article helps me understand bitvoin more, it enhance my knowledge. im newbie in crypto but watching and reading articles from you is one great experience keep it coming godbless you

  • Crypto will become very important, just we need to help it get more attention!