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My Bitcoin price prediction for 2020 is $20,000 – Eric Brown

Bitcoin Prediction 

JANUARY 14, 2020 / 10:45 UTC

FLORIDA (Fintech Zoom) – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 is $20,000 –  My Bitcoin price prediction for 2020 is $20,000. Although we are still very much in the infancy of this type of currency, the technology behind it is rapidly growing, and so will the value of the currency. Here are some of the things that will cause the price increase:

  • Mobile wallet usage will increase as smart phone purchases continue to rise, opening the potential for a fully compatible crypto and credit card mobile wallet to be introduced by the end of 2019.
  • Cryptocurrency payment technology continues to advance, with merchants from a wide variety of industries now offering cryptocurrency payments in both online and retail settings.
  • Blockchain is also becoming more commonly used for everyday transactions, including home and car titles, legal contracts, government contracts, retail inventory and more. The future is technology and Bitcoin is the currency of that technology.


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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 is $20,000


Eric Brown

Eric Brown, named CEO & President at Aliant Payment Systems Inc. — Eric’s background is in C-level sales and payment technology. Eric also is an advisor to many financial institutions managing and directing the payment programs. Eric Brown launched Aliant Payment Systems Inc., in March 2003 “with a full suite of payment products and a mission to “increase revenues and profits for Aliant’s Clients and to decrease over head and expenses while providing a boutique style customer service.” Eric has grown Aliant into a national company serving clients globally.


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