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bitcoin address owner
bitcoin address owner

How to find Bitcoin Wallet Owner?

Can I find the owner?

JANUARY 9, 2020 / 16:15 UTC

LONDON (Fintech Zoom) –  Bitcoin Wallet Owner – Sometimes when you want to send Bitcoin to a known address and you mistakenly mix up some strings of the address, you might need to find out the owner of the address you sent the coins.

A Bitcoin wallet is mainly used to store your Bitcoins and observe the balance of your Bitcoin. It also serves a means of platform through which you can send and receive Bitcoins using the wallet address.

Therefore, if you are to receive Bitcoins, it is the Bitcoin wallet address that you usually give to a friend, colleague or put up in public that you will need to receive the coins, hence if you want to find out the owner of a Bitcoin wallet you are sending the crypto coin, you will need the wallet address. It is just like using the location address to find where a person stays.

Finding the owner of a wallet? A Bitcoin user needs to provide information before receiving Bitcoins but it is often assumed that you can’t find the exact owner of a Bitcoin wallet.

However, there are claims that you can actually find out the owner of a Bitcoin wallet using a bitcoin registry.

The identity of a wallet owner can also be disclosed via exchange platforms.

Personal data are usually required before exchange platforms are used to either buy or sell Bitcoin, hence, regulatory bodies can actually use such information like first and last name, email address and IP address to uncover the owner of a Bitcoin wallet using their address.

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