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bitcoin bull run
bitcoin bull run

Bitcoin: Bull Run has come?

Does bitcoin rise above $8,300 imply another Bull Run?

JANUARY 9, 2020 / 12:49 UTC

LONDON (Fintech ZOOM) –  The price of bitcoin rising to $8,300 in 2020 has got many tongues in the cryptocurrency space wriggling. Several analysts think that a bull run has come. Others believe that there might be a reverse in the price.

The rise is not unexpected

Most people who trade cryptocurrency has been expecting the Bitcoin prices to remain stable at $8,000 before there will be a major astronomical increase in the price. The prediction of these traders seems to be right at least for now. However, the volatility of bitcoin is still quite high.

Some cryptocurrency analysts believe the bull run trend. Nevertheless, they firmly believe that the run will only last for a while before the commencement of the “fight” between bears and bulls.

Other cryptocurrency traders believe that the price of bitcoin will reverse to where it was initially.


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Bitcoin Bull Run

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