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Bitcoin is not just an Investment, it’s the Future

Bitcoin Investment
Bitcoin Investment

The Future

Fintech ZoomBitcoin is not just an Investment, it’s the Future – Saying the digital economy is growing at a fast pace is undermining the speed and solutions this sector is creating in making life much more easier for us humans. The digital philosophy has permeated everything we know, either making it better or obliterating such system and creating a totally decentralized and effective system to replace it.

The advent of digital currency with bitcoin being the first and most valuable till date, however began to create a monster economy that created a single heart-beat for everything digital.

To appreciate the importance and potentials of bitcoin, take a good look at a dollar bill in your pocket and begin to think of the many things you can use it to do. Think of the times you found some cash you forgot about and how they helped solve current problems. Evidently, Over decades, the importance of money has gone far beyond what we were thought in basic economics class. It’s more psychological now. Perspective is everything, Businesses have a different perspective of money – cash flow than to an everyday individual who just wants more cheese in their burger.

Now, bitcoin is set to perform all of these functions in a more effective decentralized system that gives true power to everyone that owns it. Just like most digital innovations is always a joke till they become the mainstream “un-do-withoutable” system of operations, bitcoin is going through that phase of acceptance or denial. A look at the beginning of internet as an innovation and it’s fascinating effect on humans now should be enough to capture the greatness that bitcoin is capable of. A sizeable population of the world can do without the internet but every nook and cranny of the world now has a fiat currency they use for exchange, imagine when bitcoin completely substitutes them!

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The argument here is simply that bitcoin is not just some investment option as we see it today due to its volatility, it’s going to the life of every institution, systems and economy.

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