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Preparing for recession…Buy Bitcoin or Gold?

Buy Bitcoin or gold
Buy Bitcoin or gold

Bitcoin or Gold?

Fintech Zoom – After a decade of expansion, the United States might be up to a big recession, and many economists see potential for a global recession in the next 12 to 18 months, leaving  the question: Buy Bitcoin or gold?

The reason why people should consider these assets to prepare for a crash is because BTC, gold, and other precious metals all show inflation resistance since their value is decoupled from Fed policies.

While many people are cracking their heads trying to choose between one of the two, it is important to remember this:

  • To avoid taking major risks when investing, it is always important to diversify your portfolio just in case one of the options turns out to not be as profitable as you expected.

In this debate about the recession, even bitcoin enthusiasts recommend playing safe. And you know what? Gold is a safe.

As a tangible asset, it tends to maintain its value, and, of course, has positive historical precedents during recessions. The con, though, is that it can be taken from you.

The creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, although volatile, has proven to be a worthwhile competitor for gold, having an advantage worth mentioning as well: an investor can simply memorize their seed words and there will be no physical evidence of their holdings – so, no thefts here.

If you believe in Bitcoin, but still wants to be safe, best to have both.


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Buy Bitcoin or gold?

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