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CoinDeal enters the US market and focuses on high security standards

CoinDeal is one of the biggest crypto-fiat exchanges in Europe. Now, entering the US, the exchange wants to provide their users tools to protect themselves and keep the compliances of the blockchain and financial system – CoinDeal US market

The platform offers over 50 markets with the most popular cryptocurrencies and 7 fiats.
The exchange is about to be available in 13 US States to trade (Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennesse, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). The company has a plan to expand to another 12 states soon. There will be 11 active markets: ETH / BTC, LTC / BTC, XRP / BTC, EOS / BTC, BCH / BTC, DOGE / XRP, BCHSV / BTC, XMR/BTC, USDT / BTC (not available in Texas), TUSD / BTC (not available in Texas) and ZEC/BTC.

While waiting for the start of the market in the USA, American traders during the registration process can receive 100 free CDL Tokens.

Going by the number of hacks new-age crypto exchanges understand the importance of regulatory compliance and the benefits of applying real-time blockchain analytics. As part of AML/KYC policy, CoinDeal verifies user identifies. This process saves CoinDeal users from fraud and policy violations. To build on this CoinDeal will be integrating Coinfirm’s AML and blockchain analytics for real time transaction monitoring and soon will also become an AMLT Network Member.

Exchanges now will be competing not only on pricing, features, and benefits but also on how exchange is ensuring transparency and security of operations for its customers in the unpredictable crypto ecosystem which is constantly impacted with advancing technology, security layers, and regulatory changes.  Enabling AML analytics can help exchange build a truly great customer experience by addressing the challenges of safe transactions and user safety. In an event of hack or scam blockchain analytics can identify and track the movement of funds and freeze nefarious actions within exchanges and report those addresses into AMLT network. This brings a huge value for the entire ecosystem.

“Coinfirm will support us in obtaining the necessary information to strengthen our credibility and contribute to the prevention of activities that support money laundering activities. We know they are a reliable partner to work with, And we’re sure that together we can bring much needed transparency to the cryptocurrency space.”
– admits Kajetan Maćkowiak, CoinDeal Co-Founder

Pawel Kuskowski, Co-Founder and CEO, Coinfirm says

As a frontrunner in RegTech and blockchain analytics Coinfirm is always looking to partner with crypto exchanges who treat transparency, user security and regulatory compliance as their top priority. Coindeal expansion into the US market with its innovative strategy, popularity, and addition of robust AML compliance will be a great competitive edge. We have some exciting initiatives in the pipeline that will valuable and for the entire crypto community.”

Coindeal will also join AMLT Network giving crypto users the much needed voice and platform where users can report and monitor addresses related to nefarious actions like scams and hacks as well as trusted parties such as themselves or business partner. This is very comfortable users can report addresses directly through Coindeal. They do not have to go through the KYC process on the Coinfirm website. AMLT token will be available to CoinDeal users on their exchange as a part of their Network Membership and collaboration.

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About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a global leader in AML & Risk Analytics for blockchains and cryptocurrencies with the largest blockchain coverage with over 1200+ cryptocurrencies supported including BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens, Dash, NEO, Hyperledger, LTC and recently integrated XRP. Our AML solutions are used by over 130+ global clients ranging from crypto exchanges and protocols to major financial institutions. To get the latest company updates follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and like our Facebook page. For more information, visit

About Coindeal

CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange was launched in March 2018 but has already gained spectacular popularity in the global market. Coindeal is one of the most powerful exchange platforms, offering access to over 50 markets, including the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin, but also many FIAT currencies: Euro (EUR), Dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Polish Zloty (PLN), Rouble (RUB) Swiss Franc (CHF) and Korean Won (KRW). For more information, visit

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  • Nice that crypto exchanges cooperate with such companies like Coinfirm. 5AMLD will change a lot positively, when it comes to trading and other transactions connected with bigger amounts of money, safety is a priority, as far as I know CoinDeal has high security standards. It’s important, especially when they entranced such huge market and will gain many new users.