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CoinDeal reaches the USA – opens 13 crypto markets

USA Crypto Markets
USA Crypto Markets

CoinDeal reaches the USA – opens 13 crypto markets in 13 states and market for their CDL token

CoinDeal is a young but really fast-growing exchange. In less than 2 years they have managed to gather more than 350,000 users! Lately, they were working hard to acquire all the licenses needed to legally enter the US market. Right now, they can proudly announce that in cooperation with reputable Oster McBride law office, everything is ready. CoinDeal has got all the licenses and permissions and in a few days, will appear on the list of the largest exchanges legally available for US traders.

Why the USA should focus on this exchange – 13 crypto markets:

  • CoinDeal security standards:
  • Affiliate program:
  • CoinDeal is not hiding anything, and all fees (also the ones for free) are clearly visible to the users:
  • Users have a real influence on the development of the exchange by voting for a new cryptocurrency to be added:
  • Allows users to test the exchange with a starter package (100 free tokens) available for each new and existing user.

In the future, CoinDeal will open for 12 more states and maybe, one day, for all of them.

As a good start CoinDeal is available in:

Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas (NO Stablecoins), Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

We also know the markets that are available for US traders:

  • ETH / BTC,
  • LTC / BTC,
  • XRP / BTC,
  • EOS / BTC,
  • BCH / BTC,
  • DOGE / XRP,
  • BCHSV / BTC,
  • XMR / BTC,
  • USDT / BTC (not available in Texas),
  • TUSD / BTC (not available in Texas),
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Also, markets with our Token:

  • CDL/USDT (not available in Texas)

VQF and Maltese License

CoinDeal proves its credibility with many licenses and confirmations. Not only when we are talking about entering the US market.

CoinDeal has received membership in VQF (registered under 100610), which allows it to start operations in Switzerland as CoinDeal Swiss. The company has an office in Switzerland for a long time and the Swiss VQF license confirms its financial credibility.

What’s more, we are working on receiving Maltese license Class 4 VFA. With that license, CoinDeal is authorized to provide any VFA service and hold or control clients’ assets or money in conjunction with the provision of a VFA Service..

CoinDeal Token Market

What’s more, Coindeal has announced a market launch date for the CDL token. All those who have collected their tokens can trade with them from November 12, 2019. From then, users will be able to trade with such crypto pairs like CDL/BTC and CDL/USDT.

What is essential is the thing that this “starter pack” is available also for users from the United States! It is going to help new users start their adventure in the crypto world. Additionally, Token will provide many features like Fast Pass priority and decreasing fees to 0.000%.

Until the start of the market, we will not know the value of 1 CDL. However, we are able to estimate that it will be worth a lot looking at the popularity of the token. On 6 November 2019 we still have 6 days to collect tokens, and Condeal has already announced that their token has received more than 84,000 users!

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