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Why Cryptocurrency is better than Fiat Currency?

Why Cryptocurrency is better than Fiat Currency?

Over the world, the use of cryptocurrencies has cut across a wide range of applications in various sphere such as business, aerospace, finance and many others. The mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a form of digital currency has elevated it to be used as an alternative currency to fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies work based on a robust cryptographic encryption which is employed to ensure a safe module of transactions. Due to the extensive applications of cryptocurrency, several investors have pulled in their money with intentions of getting returns on investments (ROI) and they haven’t been disappointed. Cryptocurrencies are mainly purchased by investors through exchange platforms using fiat or conventional currencies.

There are several arguments on whether cryptocurrencies are better compared to fiat currencies, however, experts believe that the former has more applications and features that distinguishes it from the latter. Some of the reasons why cryptocurrency is better than fiat currency includes:

This is one outstanding feature of Cryptocurrencies. A decentralized system simply implies that cryptocurrencies are not affected by the fluctuations of governmental policies. This encourages more investors as it is easier for them to predict the outcome of their investments.
Secured Transactions
With the use of cryptographic algorithm in the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency is based, transactions are secured against hackers and cyber threats.
Lower Transaction Fees
The cost of executing transactions on cryptocurrencies is lower than that of fiat currencies.
Cryptocurrencies can be used and accessed anywhere in the world as it has been adopted into different businesses and companies for various operations.

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Fiat Currency
Fiat Currency


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