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Crypto market volatility
Crypto market volatility

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows the change or switch from one digital asset to another. For example, users are able to convert there Bitcoin to Litecoin and Ether to Bitcoin Cash. Users are also allowed to swap their digital asset to dust currencies like the Dollar or Pounds.

Usually, on a crypto exchange platform, there are two possible ways in which the exchange could go. Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

  • Crypto Trading Network – This trading method connect the buyers of crypto digital asset to the seller and a fee is charge by the platform for the transaction.
  • Direct Trading – A direct crypto trading platform connect person to person in the crypto exchange process. The transaction stakeholders I.e the buyers and sellers then decide on how the transaction will traject.  The difference between a crypto trading network and direct trading platform is that the former sets the trading environment and the traders have no say about it while the latter connects the stakeholders and allow them trade on their own personal agreement which could include rates per digital asset.

There are lots of crypto exchange platform users can choose from depending on what their trading preference is. It is important to watch out for factors like geographical restrictions, the need for on-boarding (registration), payment method, fees, and the reputation of the exchange network.

However, here are top 3 of the best crypto exchange according to our own ranking. We have used them and have gotten good reviews about the platforms from other users too. However this is not a go ahead to transact business with any of them. Make sure you do your own due diligence, get a crypto advisor If possible and choose who suits your trading purpose best.

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TOP Crypto Exchanges Ranking


3. Bitstamp   

Bitstamp is one of the first generation crypto exchange platform launched in Europe founded in 2011. One of their strength is that group-up customer base they have built over the years. The platform is strong on security of users digital asset and as such one of the few crypto exchange platform that has the two factor authentication feature. Users are able to open a free account and deposit to start trading almost immediately. Bitstamp also charges a low transaction fee and is suitable for large transactions.

Crypto Exchange Ranking
Crypto Exchanges Ranking

2. Coinbase  – TOP Crypto Exchanges Ranking

CoinBase is one of the most popular and we’ll trusted crypto exchange platform all over the the world. It is supported by investors that are goodwill worthy and the platform itself has not fall short in providing good, quality service. Their on-boarding process is easy and the entire user interface is  user friendly and intuitive. They allow the deposit and withdrawal of fiat into local bank account of users and have a host of crypto asset for users to trade with.

Crypto Exchanges Ranking
Crypto Exchanges Ranking


1. Binance  – TOP Crypto Exchanges Ranking

Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in market capitalization having almost triple the worth of the second in the list. The exchange company started slow and have been growing in a geometrical rate both in transaction frequency and bulkiness. It allows a lots of altcoins trading which gives users a lot if options to choose from when investing in trading. The platform has its own digital asset – BNB which is also traded in the platform. The charge per transaction is usually 0.1% of each transaction but transactions that involves BNB can even get a lesser charge.

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Crypto Exchanges Ranking
Crypto Exchanges Ranking

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