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Crypto Exchange Gemini is the leader


Crypto Exchange Gemini is the leader according to the latest cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmark report from CryptoCompare, a company in digital asset data. With a refined methodology, the new report now offers market participants and new entrants the most comprehensive, granular and reliable source of information on the best digital asset trading venues. Gemini takes the top spot with a total score of 78..

Also, OKEx takes the top spot with a grade A verification in the Q3 report, further highlighting OKEx’s continuous effort and innovation in product development:

“We are glad to be well-received by our customers and analysts. It is so encouraging to see our years of hard work has paid off with a grade A verification and such ranking,”  said Andy Cheung, Head of Operations of OKEx. “Such honor by a trusted firm reflects that we are endeavoring on the right track. We will never stop improving and will continue to develop and bring the best products to the global community. We hope to see ourselves at a higher position next time.”

Launched in June 2019, CryptoCompare’s Exchange Benchmark was created in response to the growing concerns over cryptocurrency exchanges engaging in wash trading and incentivised trading schemes to inflate volumes. The rankings bring transparency to the market and serve as a guide to traders, investors, regulators and exchange service providers who wish to understand the crypto exchange landscape and manage risks effectively.

The analysis reveals the top ten exchanges to be:

  1. Gemini (1) – Crypto Exchange Gemini
  2. itBit (2),
  3. Coinbase (3),
  4. Kraken (4),
  5. Bitstamp (5),
  6. Liquid (6),
  7. OKEx (7),
  8. Poloniex (8),
  9. bitFlyer (9)
  10. Bitfinex (10).
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The ranking components include: geography; legal/regulatory; investment; team/company; data provision; trade surveillance; and market quality. Analysis is based on public information and detailed methodology is made freely available, underscoring CryptoCompare’s commitment to bringing greater transparency and improved decision-making to the cryptocurrency marketplace.

There are already a number of companies helping to build the infrastructure to support the growth of the token economy. Companies like CoinDeal is always thinking about their users first. The popularity of this exchange is growing very fast, which is confirmed by the number of more than 350,000 satisfied users of the exchange, gathered in less than 2 years. For now on, the exchange is opening its platform for users from the United States of America. The platform ensures that no one else will provide such high-quality services to the Americans as they do.

CoinDeal is available in the USA now with its own CDL Token market – trading on 13 crypto markets in 13 States announced! – CoinDeal in the USA – milestones become a reality.


About CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare is the global leader in digital asset data. Institutional and retail investors rely on the company for real-time, high quality data spanning 3,200+ coins and 150,000+ currency pairs.

By aggregating and analysing tick data from globally recognised exchanges and seamlessly integrating multiple datasets, CryptoCompare provides a comprehensive, granular overview of the market across trade, order book, historical, social and blockchain data.

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