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Digital Payment Methods
Digital Payment Methods

Digital payment methods that North American retailers accept

This statistic presents the most common digital payment methods that North American retailers accept or plan to accept.

Digital payment methods

As of 2019, 36 percent of responding North American retailers were already accepting customer payments via PayPal with 34 percent planning on accepting the payment method within the next 2 years.

Digital payment methods

Mobile payments have become increasingly main stream in the United States as an increasing number of users take advantage of the conveniences of digital payment options. Scanning barcodes or using mobile apps are the most popular mobile payment methods among U.S. users. More than 12 percent of mobile payment users have purchased goods at a store using their mobile device. Mobile proximity payments, enabled though near-field-communications (NFC), are also projected to vastly increase to 118 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, up from 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. According to industry professionals, mobile proximity payments are one of the mobile payment types most likely to succeed. According to smartphone users in the United States, mobile payments are a convenient way to pay for many reasons. Some of the benefits of mobile payments include the speed of payment, the convenience as well as the integration with pre-existing loyalty and coupon programs. Another well-received advantage of mobile payments was the ability to pay without sharing financial data with retailers.


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