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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Domenic
Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Domenic

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 by Domenic Carosa

Bitcoin Prediction

JANUARY 15, 2020 / 11:42 UTC

LONDON (Fintech Zoom) – Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 by Domenic Carosa  


2020 is set to be an exciting year for Bitcoin. Sometime around May 20th, the halving will occur which will see the block reward fall from 12.5 to
6.25 bitcoins. With less bitcoins being generated, many believe this could see the price increase significantly in 2020.

The first two halvings saw large price pumps shortly before and after they occurred. If historical data is a good indicator of success, we can expect
to see good gains for BTC through 2020.


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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 by Domenic Carosa


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Domenic Carosa

Domenic is co-founder of Future Capital and CEO of ASX listed Crowd Mobile. Domenic was previously the co-founder and Group CEO of ASX-listed destra Corporation Ltd (ASX: DES), which was the largest independent media and entertainment company in Australia with revenues of over $100m. He stepped aside from destra in April 2008. With over 15 years experience in business and technology, Domenic has built a reputation as a leader in the Internet space by building one of Australia’s largest independent digital music websites,, and building from scratch, Australia’s second largest virtual web hosting/domain companies which he sold for $25m.


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