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After a successful private period on Seedrs, HubrisOne Exchange have opened the investment round to the public!

HubrisOne Exchange – HubrisOne Technologies, the UK company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing all-in-one crypto current account has just announced a fresh new round of funding to allow interested customers and investors to publicly participate in this round of funding which is live on Seedrs. The company has already secured 90% of its target –

The company enables people globally to manage, send, receive, and exchange their digital currencies all within an easy to use app – they plan to enable bank account connection in the future to allow users to see their old and new money in one place.

With over 100,000 users acquired within 6 months of its public launch, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in its rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £15.00 to own shares.

With this new round of funding, the company is looking to expand its team, operations, accelerate growth and launch its next-generation proprietary digital currency exchange to tap into the $50bn+ daily trading volume.

This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in the cryptocurrency and digital currency industry. The private round is limited to a small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.

Interested investors can buy shares directly from the Seedrs platform here:

It is important to note that each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is protected and receives full investor protection rights. Eligible investors will receive up to £500 in exchange credit rewards to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other digital currencies – HubrisOne Exchange.

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