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Manage your businesses easily with Multi-accounts with Revolut

Running a side-project? Thinking of starting up the next big thing? Keeping books for multiple clients? Whether you’re growing your client list, expanding your lines of service, or launching your own line of bespoke sunglasses for dogs (no?),  Revolut are confident that this new feature (multi-accounts) will save you time with typing in credentials, and give you more time back to figure out how you’ll make frames to compliment flat-faced breeds (still no?). 

With Revolut for Business, you can now easily register, link and manage all of your business endeavours in one place. Now, with a single login, you can easily switch between your multi-accounts in Revolut. It’s one of those smart little features that can save you loads of time every day. In fact, that’s our favourite kind of smart little feature!

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Getting started is easy. Whether you’re starting another venture, or connecting multiple existing Revolut for Business accounts. See the features:

  • Adding a business to Revolut
    It’s easy to add another business to your account. Here’s how to do it:
    Open up the Revolut app, and look for your main navigation on the left hand side. Within that main navigation panel you’ll find an arrow. Clicking on it expands a dropdown menu where you’ll find our new feature. To add an additional business to your existing Revolut for Business login, simply click on “Switch or add new business” and go through the registration process as usual. You can choose any plan you like, and approval is as quick as ever, just like the first time.
  • Hassle-free workspaces switching
    Once your accounts are linked, managing your multiple accounts businesses is seamless and easy. To switch between your linked accounts, just access your list of businesses via the main navigation dropdown, find the desired business in the list 
and confirm your credentials.
    And that’s everything you need to know about Multi-accounts! We hope you enjoy all of that stylishly seamless switching. Now get out there and change the face of dog eyewear—or whatever you’re into.
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