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Top tech trends 2020
Top tech trends 2020

Top tech trends you can look forward to in 2020

Technology Trends

The year 2020 marks the start of a new decade and brings along with it several transformative technology trends that have either been already embraced or are expected to be a commonplace soon. While many of these technologies are already prevalent in the modern day enterprises, the other latest ones are expected to drastically change how everyone socialises, works and leads his/her daily life. It’s no news that many of these technologies such as shopping apps, e-wallets, social media, mobile gambling apps etc. have actually changed our daily lives at multiple levels. Let’s acquaint you with some such similar top tech trends that we can look forward to in 2020.

Human Augmentation

The concept of human augmentation is about exploration of technology for delivering physical and cognitive improvements which can become an integral part of our experience. It’s about leveraging technology for increasing capabilities of humans at both cognitive and physical level. Organisations such as Boston Dynamics are on the forefront of this field and have already created various types of human augmentation devices which can be employed on the battlefield and in factories.

The existence of smart wearables and smart devices is already commonplace in all parts of the world. The new applications involve usage of such variables for improving the safety of workers belonging to the mining industry. Other types of industries like travel, retail etc. could use wearables for improving worker productivity.

Multi Experience – Top tech trends 2020

This technology involves a major shift from the conventional keyboard interface and 2D screen to a comparatively more multimodal and dynamic type of interface world wherein the user gets immersed into an interactive technology, and is surrounded by it as well. Multi experience is presently focused mainly on immersive experiences which utilise sensing technologies, mixed reality, virtual reality, augmented reality and multichannel human machine interfaces.

The AI powered conversational platforms have completely transformed the way people interact and deal with the digital world. Apart from the conversations, mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality is completely changing the people’s perception of the digital world. Such combined shift in interaction as well as perception of the people will lead to multimodal and multisensory experiences in the future. This type of trend will come to be recognised as ambient experience in this decade.

Hyper-automation – Top tech trends 2020

This technology is about the next level task automation. It involves application of advanced level technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence for automation of processes in a manner that they become far more impactful than before.

It combines various automation, packaged software and machine learning tools to make things work. Hyper-automation needs a combination of different tools to replicate tasks that have been conventionally the domain of the humans. This trend began with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and will witness further growth through combination of OCR, artificial intelligence, content intelligence, process intelligence and other innovative technologies.

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Top tech trends 2020

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