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Bitcoin Price November 27
Bitcoin Price November 27

Bitcoin Price Last 24 hours – November 27 Daily Report

Bitcoin Price November 27 . The current trading pattern which is supported by several long-term moving averages suggests that Bitcoin is very close to reaching a bottom if it has not already done so. Therefore, last week’s decrease could have been the final capitulation before a bull market begins.

At 09:00 am:

  • Bitcoin is currently falling.
  • Yesterday peaked at 7,333 USD at 06:30.
  • Today, November 27th started at 7152 USD at 00:01.
  • Today it has risen to 7,192 USD.
  • But in the last 30 minutes is having a strong fall.
  • Bitcoin is at 6,870 USD.


Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Live USD


at 16:30:

  • Bitcoin price – 7,325 USD
Bitcoin price
Bitcoin Price November 27


There have been many theories about this rapid and unexpected decrease. One commentator suggested that it was initiated by whales that are selling in order to claim losses on their 2019 tax return.  However, this seems unsubstantiated since Bitcoin is still in profit if you bought in the first half of 2019, so this could be an attempt at falsely rationalizing the price decrease.


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