Crypto Advisory

Crypto Advisory



  • Basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • How to invest
  • Hot and cold coin storage
  • Which exchanges to setup accounts in
  • How to move coins and view transaction data
  • How to make your coin investments ultra secure
  • How to best track news and announcements


  • Using investment thesis and mental filters to choose which coins to invest into
  • How to organize and view your assets in a realtime customizable investment portfolio
  • Cold storage using Ledger/Trezor, setup and philosophy
  • Backup and recovery plans for assets
  • Customized security plan based on your lifestyle & needs
  • Tax education and resources


  • Cryptoasset inheritance planning
  • How to distinguish between good and bad ICO coin investments using investment philosophies and filters
  • Lost funds and wallets, lost passwords, passphrase or recovery word phrases
  • Custom topics based on challenges you may have
  • Shane is also available as a cryptocurrency expert witness for litigation support