Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Fintech Jobs

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If you are interested in a finance career these days, you probably know about FINTECH, which is defined as the evolving intersection of technology and financial services. These are companies that are able to leverage new technology to create new, better financial services for consumers and businesses. FINTECH can include all sorts of companies that may operate in insurance, payments, asset management and personal finance management.

See here what are Fintech hiring:

FINTECH is technology that is used in financial services to help firms to manage various financial aspects of their business, such as new software, applications, processes and business models.

1. Blockchain Developer – Fintech Jobs
This growth will greatly increase the need for blockchain experts, such as blockchain developers.

Interested in becoming a blockchain developer? You should learn these programming skills:
Hyperledger Fabric: Enterprise blockchain framework that uses modularity and scalability to support changing business rules.
Ripple: Payment protocol for distributed payments, exchanges and remittances.
Solidity: Smart contract development on the network Ethereum.

2. Apps Developer – Fintech Jobs
The FINTECH apps market has seen spectacular growth over the last several years. Global app downloads and consumer spending have been hitting record levels, according to recent reports. The demand for mobile payment solutions and personal finance is only growing, as it is being driven by an appetite from younger generations of tech-savvy consumers.

Millennials also are more likely to use their increased ability to make payments securely on their phones.

3. Financial Analyst – Fintech Jobs
A financial analyst is responsible for managing budgets against incoming income forecasts. Depending upon the size of the firm, you could be an analyst for a single division or the entire company. Financial analysts assemble financial reports and do forecasts of incoming revenue, as well as run business studies.

These new financial services businesses need financial analysts to manage their revenue, but they also need new graduates to work with clients to analyze the data through the use of whatever startup or tool the company has built.

Demand in this field is only going to grow, as venture capital funding in FINTECH hit $13.6 billion in 2016.

4. Product Manager – Fintech Jobs
Product managers are now regularly needed to handle the oversight of many FINTECH products. For example, a listing on has an opening for a Senior Product Manager for a well funded blockchain startup that works in the data security space. Product management work dovetails with initiatives in cryptography, encryption, online identity and security.

The product manager will design, architect, and develop a decentralized blockchain network that allows strong data security, strong control of data, easy integration, creation of new profit centers and reduction of cost.

5. Compliance Expert – Fintech Jobs
As the regulatory burden in FINTECH grows, there will be more compliance experts, compliance officers, and compliance analysts working in these financial companies.

6. Cybersecurity Analyst – Fintech Jobs
Online thieves and hackers always go where the money is. Financial services will always be a major target. According to research from IBM’s X-Force research team, the financial services industry has been attacked more than any industry since 2016. But the cyberskills security gap is large and growing.

7. Quantitative Analyst – Fintech Jobs
‘Quants’ are the smart people who write the big, complex financial models. They are the ones behind the data-driving trading technology that large investment banks and hedge funds use to trade securities and analyze risk. As big data continues to rise, quants are becoming more important in FINTECH to devise models that can sort through the massive amount of data and automate them so that trading can be a mostly automatic process.

8. Culture Champions – Fintech Jobs
Sure, this sounds like a feel good job title, but for FINTECH firms, a positive, innovative and entrepreneurial image is important to success as their employees are the best advertisement for their brand. FINTECHs must ensure all workers are happy and fulfilled.

9. Business Development Manager – Fintech Jobs
Business development managers are very important in FINTECH organizations because they help to generate new income and help many startup companies to grow. Business development managers look for new markets, new business partnerships, and new ways to tap existing markets.

10. Data Specialist – Fintech Jobs
Deloitte recently highlighted the important strategic role of data in a report with the World Economic Forum about trends affecting the financial services industry. Innovation that emerges will allow financial companies to have access to new sets of data, including social data, and allow new ways to understand markets and customers.