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Evolved Announces Digital Currency and Block Chain Event Companies

Via crypto currency wire (Crypto Currency Wire) – Planning the world’s most immersive experiential event that will become a new force in the event sector of block chains and digital currency Evolved ( EVOLV ) , a specialized production company, was launched today. As part of the company’s debut, super car event “HODL rally (straddling Europe HODL Rally )”, “Vegas-block chain Week (Vegas Blockchain Week)”, the long-awaited second annual “World crypto conference ( World Crypto Conference“(including the expanded World of Mining program and the world’s first multiblock chain developer conference and Hackathon) throughout the year.

Evolved, created by the founders of the successful World Crypto Conference, is planning a series of top-notch events to educate participants on the latest news in the constantly changing block chain technology industry.

Adam Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Evolval, said: “Evolved was born to bring the block chain community together in one event.Our focus is on educating enthusiastic workers, gathering top notch leaders from all over the world and saying” Tribe It is to create an extremely impactful experience that reduces the trend of block chains technology and digital currency innovation to the next level. “

The Evolval event of this year includes the following things.

  • HODL Rally (HODL Rally) : The world’s first supercar rally inspired by cryptocaleness . The supercar rally for this 8-day networking across the continent of Europe is a week-long “Barcelona / Block Chain” ceremony with executives from all over Europe to introduce block chain technology solutions and practical examples, · Summer (Barcelona Blockchain Summit), events, luxurious parties and a lot of super cars, enjoying a crypto-themed experience.
  • Vegas Blockchain Week: Vegas Block Chain Week, which will be held from 26th October to 1st November, will feature new developments, active discussions, and employment, finance, medical care, Discussions on opportunities, innovations, changes, and growth in advanced science and art are conducted. The seven-day event will also include the summit and gatherings of the top-level digital currency companies to be announced in the coming months.
  • World Crypto Conference WCC): The 2nd Annual World · Crypt · Conference will be held as a closing of Vegas Block Chain Week. Following the initial success, it will develop as the industry’s first multi-block chain developer conference and Hackasson as a larger and better meeting. Important additional items of the meeting include WCC DEV CON, the expanded “World of Mining”, “World Crypto Poker Tournament” experience, enterprise enterprise Discussions by thought leader and others are included.

Evolve co-founder Eric Spire said: “If the block chain community wants to protect what was built as a decentralized infrastructure and work on it for future success, recruitment will generally become popular, until we can fully extract the possibilities of cryptocarency and block chains Keep evolving, maintaining relevance, and constantly holding events that comprehensively cover all the technologies involved in this field. “

For Evolved and detailed event schedule, please see below.

Jung Min-seo

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