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N26 Nominates Richard Groeneveld as N26 Bank GmbH’s new CFO and CRO

N26, The Mobile Bank, reported today the arrangement of Richard Groeneveld as Managing Director of N26 Bank. He is in charge of the elements of Chief Money related Officer (CFO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and together with the Managing Director what’s more, CEO Markus Gunter, will lead and shape the fate of N26 Bank GmbH. Richard Groeneveld
succeeds Matthias Oetken, who has proceeded onward to respond to another expert call.

Richard Groeneveld has numerous long stretches of demonstrated mastery in the banking and FinTech businesses. Formally, he held the situation of Chief Operating Officer of DVB Bank for more than 10 a long time, where he was additionally an individual from the Group Audit Committee. He has been effectively in charge of activities and business forms, exchange administrations, IT and digitization, new items, the usage of consistence rules just as for the execution of administrative prerequisites and banking guidelines over different areas around the world.

Richard Groeneveld is a Chartered Accountant and Operational Auditor, most as of late as a Money related Services Management Consultant, Board Member and Investor in Start-ups and Senior Guide at famous Financial Services consultancies.

Maximilian Tayenthal, fellow benefactor and CFO of N26 GmbH, says: “We are satisfied to have Richard join N26. He has a noteworthy reputation in procedure improvement, chance administration also, process control, which will preferably fortify and propel us in the very significant zone of process adaptability and security.”

Richard Groeneveld, assigned CFO and CRO of N26 Bank, includes: “There is likely no bank more energizing than N26 right now. I am pleased to have the capacity to bring my aptitude and vision to help in forming the fate of N26 Bank, setting new gauges and being a piece of N26’s example of overcoming adversity.”

Aneta Larkins

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