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Novae and AAXIS to bolster the capabilities of alle2020

The global FinTech and InsurTech company novae has teamed up with leading digital technology agency AAXIS to bolster the capabilities of alle2020, the global, white-label B2B2C digital capability framework it launched in October.

alle2020 leverages invisible payments, digital currency, contactless accessibility, embedded benefits and push payments to support the digital transformation of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, airlines and other retailers.

Among other capabilities, the DCF enables travelers to book and pay for (“book/out”) trips with a single click; features fully-flexible flight, hotel and car rental pricing with built-in trip protections and no change, rebooking or cancellation fees; and lets users earn and redeem rewards, submit claims and receive instant compensation 24/7 on mobile via push payment.

“AAXIS’ deep expertise in ecommerce, machine learning and AI – particularly applied to digital transactions and email marketing – has helped hundreds of FinTech, travel and other clients attract, retain and increase the purchasing behavior of key customers,” said Andy Wagner, Executive Director.

Wagner explained that by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, AAXIS will help alle2020 better identify meaningful interactions and purchase behaviors to present increasingly relevant offers for travel deals and rewards, while retaining contact information, payment and travel preferences so customers can “book/out” with a single click.

AAXIS’ AI experience will also enable alle2020 to scale its Watson (IBM)-enabled “hum/bot” customer interactions, which seamlessly combine AI-powered communications when speed is the priority with human interactions when preferred, as well as provide support to consumers in the messaging channels they use every day.

In addition to machine learning and AI, alle2020 also features a powerful metasearch engine and partnerships with major worldwide travel aggregators to enable users to get preferential pricing and exclusive deals at more than 400,000 hotels in 25,000 cities; 70,000 flights to 1,700 destinations on 130 airlines; 500 car rental companies at 30,000 locations in 170 countries; 2 million vacation rental properties in 190 countries; and 10,000 tours and other entertainment options in 90 countries.

alle2020’s all-inclusive, fully-flexible pricing on flights, hotels and car rentals allows rebooking on the platform anytime, without change fees or penalties. alle2020 also provides coverage in the event of gadget theft or loss, accidents, emergency medical procedures and dozens of other common travel hiccups. Claims are submitted via online forms, with compensation provided instantly through push payment. A geolocalization feature activates additional on-demand protection benefits.

Thanks to a single, smart payment solution on an invisible and securely encrypted payment platform, alle2020 registers rewards as digital currency that can be used alone or split with other payment methods, such as credit or debit cards registered on the platform, to make payments online and contactless in-store around the world.

“Our partnership with AAXIS will enable the users of our digital capability framework to harness cutting-edge technologies to maximize customer loyalty, customer spend and operational efficiency,” explained Paola Durán, novae’s President and Head of Americas. “The incorporation of AAXIS’ AI and machine learning capabilities will help make alle2020 the digital capability framework customers across a wide variety of sectors turn to to maximize their digital marketing, customer service and loyalty efforts,” she added.

Aneta Larkins

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