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Sooner helps to saving money

Sooner, one of the most disruptive startups in Brasil, has arrived at Web Summit Portugal. The
company emerged to solve an issue common to most Brazilians – the inability to make recurring
savings and the failure to invest adequately. “We’ve created a simple, user friendly and digital
platform to benefit our users throughout their whole personal financial journey. Sooner helps
them be more successful at saving money, investing like a pro, and even spending wisely,”
explains Rafael Jaquery, co-founder of the company.

According to a recent survey commissioned by the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets
Association, there are more than 6.2 million Brazilians who intend to start investing in 2018. At
Sooner’s app, you can fill out a quick and intuitive questionnaire to identify your profile and your
investment goal. From there, the algorithms act to guide you to start saving, through monthly
goals and tips, and automatically invests your money in an adequate portfolio.

Henry Oyama, Sooner’s co-founder and portfolio manager, adds that the goal is to expand the
opportunity to all Brazilians, giving access through small amounts. “Starting at BRL100, users
already gain access to all of Sooner’s platform and a full investment portfolio, adequate to their
needs and desires. Our main differential is providing a comprehensive solution to our users,
accompanying and guiding them in their personal financial journey from start to finish.” Sooner
is the only Brazilian fintech to offer such a service, contemplating personal finances and
investments together in the same service.

WebSummit takes place annually since 2009 in major European cities. The event has over 1000
speakers divided into dozens of conferences. This year, more than 70,000 people are expected,
including CEOs, journalists, startup founders, large corporations and other important players in
the corporate world. “We chose to be at the Web Summit this year because it is the largest
technology event in Europe and one of the most important technology events in the world. Here
we have the opportunity to meet potential investors, identify existing and future state-of-the-art
technology solutions, network with other startups and meet the world’s leading experts,”
highlighted Rafael Jaquery.

More about Sooner:
The origin of our name came from our desire to provide a platform where our users
would reap the benefits of starting ‘sooner’ to get their financial lives organized. This
includes starting ‘sooner’ to save, investing ‘sooner’ like a pro, and having ‘sooner’ the
resources that they need and want.

Oliver Smith

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