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Access your Addepar data in eMoney for financial planning

Addepar now offers a direct connection with eMoney. Our integration allows for a more a holistic view of portfolios, empowering advisors to build comprehensive financial plans that meet their clients’ goals and objectives.

So, how does it work? Client, account and holdings data is automatically delivered from Addepar to eMoney daily via the Addepar API. In eMoney, advisors can access their aggregated, reconciled data across their financial planning workflows, including: retirement savings, planning and forecasting, college savings, spending analysis, budgeting, “what if” scenarios, and Monte Carlo simulations.

With this single connection, common clients of eMoney and Addepar can:

  • Eliminate duplicative data entry. Addepar data will be reflected automatically in eMoney, eliminating the need for manual data entry and maintaining duplicate records.
  • Gain a more holistic view across portfolios. Bring in aggregated, reconciled data directly from Addepar. Data includes custodial data as well as offline holdings, such as alternative investments.
  • Leverage a single source of truth across systems. Achieve consistency across Addepar and eMoney workflows. Data presented in a financial plan will match the values in client reports, helping to reduce inconsistencies and questions.

Questions? Contact us at to learn more.

Already an Addepar and eMoney client? Reach out to our support team via the in-app Contact Support Tool to get started today.

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Jung Min-seo


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