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Zelectrix are Charging Ahead with their AI-Backed EV Charging Platform

Regardless of your opinion on climate change or global warming, the simple, irrefutable fact is that fossil fuels are a finite resource, and electric vehicles (EVs) fuelled by renewable energy are the future.

Enter Zelectrix, who is developing an innovative on-and off-grid charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) powered by a strong renewable energy infrastructure. They are building strategically located, ultra-fast, 350kW charging stations while attracting major companies in their bid to create a power grid unlike any other.

Zelectrix on-grid charging stations are supplemented with self-sustaining off-grid chargers, allowing Zelectrix to serve EV owners, even in the most rural places. Based on regional data, the off-grid chargers can be placed in the most optimal locations for local EV owners, covering vast areas and greatly reducing one of the main problems with the current EV industry, known as range anxiety – or the fear of running out of charge.

Their chargers run on 100% green energy and are designed for maximum versatility. They feature multi-standard charge sockets to fit all types of EVs.

The Zelectrix EV charging grid is enhanced by a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing fabric developed by Thought, creating one of the most efficient charging grids in the world.

Deploying Thought’s AI fabric within the grid will provide it with automated monitoring and optimization capabilities, ensuring an efficient energy flow to every charger based on real-time supply and demand, improving the stability of the grid, and predicting component failures ahead of time.

Through their mobile app, users can look up charging times, tariffs, locate free charging points and book them in advance. A combination of both on and off grid charging stations creates a geographically well-spread network that solves the biggest fear of electric vehicle owners – the so-called ‘range anxiety’, or fear that an EV owner is not within range of a charging station.

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Raido Lensment, the CEO of Zelectrix explains, “We are filling a gap in the market by creating charging stations and a green mining facility that will be reliant on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.”

“The pursuit of cleaner energy is not one sided. The push for this change is supported by customers, producers, environmental agencies and governments. Everyone has realized that the move to renewable energy is inevitable and that it is better to take the necessary steps sooner rather than later.”

Many governments are pushing hard to replace the internal combustion engines (ICE) with cleaner EVs—this summer, both Britain and France said that by 2040 new cars completely reliant on petrol or diesel will be illegal. By 2050, half the cars on the road globally, a billion in total, will be battery-powered, according to Morgan Stanley.

Zelectrix has a comprehensive plan to secure its short and long-term success. They are implementing revolutionary charging technology and blockchain AI to ensure the most efficient renewable energy microgrid in the world. Accompanied with impressive multilayer revenue model that incorporates green blockchain mining, the Zelectrix SMART Hybrid Reward Token – or ZLX, will supplement revenue with one-click, no hassle hybrid and electric vehicle renting and advertising income.

Aviva Õunap, Chief Marketing Officer says, “The goal of Zelectrix is to drive the zero emission movement, while earning revenue through multiple streams. We will provide the best prices on the market while keeping our stations highly profitable. In addition to charging fees, Zelectrix generates revenue through traditional and 3D projected hologram advertising. The revenue from advertising allows Zelectrix to earn over 400% more through its charging stations than from charging alone.”

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All the solutions are backed by some of the most well-known renewable energy and technology brands and industry experts in Europe, including PAKRI, Northern Europe’s most progressive Greentech manufacturing center. Furthermore, Zelectrix has partnered with French company Electric Loading, and Thought AI, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain led by Harrisburg University, based in the United States. All of this is made possible because of the hard work and commitment of the team, and the many talented professionals behind the project.

Zelectrix have launched their private sale for accredited investors. If you also wish to be part of their future, please visit More serious investors can learn about how they can contribute to a cleaner and more effective future by contacting the Zelectrix team via their email

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