Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Bank of America – Despite being short-staffed due to pandemic, Charlotte businesses benefit big from massive crowds

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Hundreds of thousands of college football fans poured into Charlotte this past week for the Duke’s Mayo Classic.

East Carolina took on Appalachian State Thursday at Bank of America Stadium, which was followed two days later by the highly-anticipated Clemson vs. Georgia football game.

Combine that with Sunday’s “Around the Crown” 10k, and next Sunday’s Carolina Panthers home opener against the New York Jets, and uptown Charlotte is rocking.

So, in the middle of so much going on, businesses in uptown are working to keep up with demand.

A lot of restaurants are shorthanded.

Still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are preparing for the extra-large crowds during these big events in the Queen City.

Staffing was a big concern for a lot of businesses knowing the amount of traffic that was expected in uptown Charlotte during Labor Day weekend with the Duke Mayo Classic festivities taking place.

At Bisonte Pizza, preparation started last Monday.

WBTV was told that because of those staffing concerns; everyone was on the schedule to work.

With thousands of fans from across the country here in Charlotte, co-owner Jim DaPolito says there was a line at their door before they opened Saturday.

The biggest order he had was 40 large pizzas.

And that was just the beginning. DaPolito says this weekend was the push a lot of Uptown Charlotte businesses needed.

“Oh, it was huge,” DaPolito said. “It carries you through knowing that football season is coming up. It was a nice preparation to get ready for the football season. That’s how our Sundays are going back to now that we have fans back and everybody is coming back to Uptown.”

And just how busy are they on Saturday?

DaPolito said they sold nearly 4,800 chicken wings. A normal Saturday is usually around 2,000.

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Bank of America – Despite being short-staffed due to pandemic, Charlotte businesses benefit big from massive crowds


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