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Nestegg – powering with energy from the sun and wind.

“The best life-security isn’t stocks or bonds, it’s owning the infrastructure that powers your daily needs.”
–Isaac Ibiapina, cofounder

Together with APG, largest pension provider in the Netherlands: NestEgg is sponsored by the largest pension service provider in the Netherlands. Together we’re building a platform for individuals to discover and participate in crowdfunds of infrastructure being built in their community. Together, they’ll own these new installations and reduce their cost of living by owning access to it.

The future is bright.
We’ll soon be powering our communities with energy from the sun and wind. Self-driving  cars will get us around town at the click of a button. Delivery drones will move around tools, medicine, and packages without an operator– and guess what? The sun doesn’t charge us an energy bill. Autonomous cars and drones don’t ask for a wage and work 24/7. We’re on the cusp of an economic revolution.

The future will be built bottom-up.
Uber uses a top-down approach. They plan and deploy a monopolized mobility network in communities across the world so that they can charge for access. NestEgg empowers the true sharing economy, built bottom-up by locals building autonomous infrastructure in their communities, so that they own access to it. In aggregate, the individual builds of these local communities will be creating a global network of energy, mobility, and access. Improving the quality of life for their communities and generations to come.

Our Story
NestEgg began in March 2017 after winning the first Dutch Blockchain Hackathon in Groningen and being hired by the largest Dutch pension company, APG, to continue building out our 48-hour PoC into a full platform. Since then, the team of 3 has been deploying experiments in Heerlen, Netherlands to explore these new business models and possibilities with green-tech, blockchain, and IoT. Our first projects are deploying solar panels and windmills. You can find more about our first experiments at the website .

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