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SIRIN Unveils FINNEY: The World’s First Blockchain Smartphone

After completing a successful crowdsale, partnering with Foxconn International Holding and signing Leo Messi as its brand ambassador, SIRIN LABS is now announcing the commercial launch of FINNEY™, the first blockchain smartphone with the price of $999 which is now available for sale on SIRIN LABS and joining the Amazon Launchpad programme in January

SIRIN LABS is proud to officially launch today the highly anticipated FINNEY™, becoming the world’s first premier, ultra-secure blockchain smartphone that runs SIRIN OS™, priced at $999. FINNEY will offer its users a truly mobile blockchain experience, complete with an embedded cold storage crypto wallet, combined with state of the art mobile technology and design. SIRIN LABS is also looking for strategic OEMs to implement SIRIN OS™ in additional consumer devices.

SIRIN LABS will open two flagship concept stores first in London (December 2018) and later in Tokyo (January 2019). The London store will also function as a blockchain academy for our community, and any blockchain-curious audience.

Pre-sale is now open for SRN token holders on SIRIN LABS website for those who want to have their FINNEY shipped first. Later on SIRIN LABS website will offer additional channels of payments, including credit card. FINNEY will also be available to purchase on Amazon Launchpad from January.

SIRIN LABS first announced its plan to create and manufacture the world’s first blockchain smartphone in September 2017 with the vision to bridge the gap between the mass market and the blockchain economy. In December of 2017, the company signed football star Leo Messi as its brand ambassador and subsequently completed a successful ICO to advance into the manufacturing and production phase.

Earlier this year SIRIN LABS chose electric giant FIH Mobile (Foxconn International Holding) to lead the manufacturing of FINNEY with SIRIN LABS leading the development of the cold storage wallet hardware, and its own operating system: SIRIN OS™.

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SIRIN OS™ is an infrastructure platform for secure mobile transactions to enable blockchain functionality within a mobile environment. SIRIN OS™, a Google-certified modification of Android, is designed to overcome the innate security challenges associated with the usage and storage of cryptocurrency on mobile devices. SIRIN OS enables the unique functionality of FINNEY including the cold storage crypto wallet and the native crypto wallet application, a behavioural machine learning based multi-layered cybersecurity suite, the Token Conversion Service (TCS) and embedded dCENTER. Here’s more about the unique features of the SIRIN OS:

Embedded Cold Storage Wallet:

The wallet’s purpose is to protect user’s private keys (for multiple blockchains) and to securely generate transactions to aid crypto users through:

  • A Full separate hardware from the device hardware
  • Protecting your private key /credential and sensitive Action protected
  • Generation and signage of secure blockchain transactions
  • Connecting to an internet-enabled native wallet application only when a user-initiated transaction is made
  • Firewall Embedded Rules engine

Multi layered cybersecurity suite:

FINNEY is an ultra-secure handset with machine learning based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that is integrated from kernel to the application level and offers:

  • Online and offline on-device cyber threat detection
  • Protection from Network attacks
  • Host-based attacks
  • Unsecure device definitions


SIRIN OS dCENTER is an integral part of SIRIN OS™ and offers a marketplace for DApps (decentralized applications) as well as an incentivised learning center. The dCENTER’s Learn & Earn option is the first crypto and blockchain education ecosystem that offers incentivized learning for blockchain projects all over the world. Our launching partners offer incentives when users interact with their projects, which means every FINNEY owner is entitled to receive value back on the phone. The dCenter, based on Web 3.0 protocol, offers: App and in-app purchasing, Air drop mechanism, DApp browser, and more.

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The Token Conversion Service (TCS)

The TCS is a unique concierge like service, which enables users to make crypto transactions for supported coins and tokens, without the hassle of exchanges. This creates a fast, simple, and seamless crypto payment experience, while simultaneously providing a competitive exchange rate for users:

  • Rates are determined by collecting token’s market value across multiple major liquidity providers, that will then provide users with the most competitive rate automatically.
  • Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain networks congestion levels define the speed of a transaction.
  • SIRIN OS algorithm will calculate the optimal network fee to offer in order to provide the best speed at the lowest rate.
  • At launch TCS will support ETH, BTC, and SRN

Introducing FINNEY™ – The flagship device running SIRIN OS

In addition to state-of-the art technology and cyber protection, FINNEY also offers the highest level of modern and expressive design. The phone is framed with high gloss metal, mirror polished Aluminium, and has 3D Gorilla Glass on both the posterior and anterior of the device. These are accompanied by the metallic signature Shield Element surrounding the camera, sensors, and fingerprint scanner.

The unique sliding design of the Safe Screen is FINNEY’s strongest feature, and operates as the gateway to the crypto world by activating the cold storage wallet. Functioning on dedicated hardware and software, The Safe Screen’s separate power switch is how users will be able to access their wallet. The Safe Screen is also able to allow users to independently verify that FINNEY™ wallet transactions include the correct amount, the correct currency, and are being sent to the correct address. Thereby enabling users to verify that they’re not being tricked by malware or hackers looking to steal and send their cryptocurrencies or tokens to a fraudulent third party.

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“It is with great pleasure that we’re today unveiling to the world the first blockchain smartphone, brought to you by one ambitious startup that was able to bring an idea to mass production in less than a year,” describes Moshe Hogeg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO. “We’re now proudly selling a flagship device that offers the user experience we have envisioned for our SIRIN OS. We’re taking a huge step forward in bridging the gap between the blockchain economy and the consumer market. Finney is the mobile and truly secure experience crypto holders have been longing for.”

“In an increasingly insecure digital world, where hackers in all corners of the globe are out to steal whatever they can, consumers need a product that gives them confidence their data is safe,” explains Kenes Rakishev, Chairman of Sirin Labs. “With no solution available until now, many crypto users took a step back to a more primitive time and were using pen and paper to record their private key code. This and other ‘cold storage’ solutions are impenetrable to hacks but are also totally impractical for modern living. Finney is unique and is the only phone with an embedded cold storage wallet. There is nothing else like it on the market.”

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