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Are we waiting for another ransom attack?

Two days ago, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) has warned, that there is “little doubt” the major life-threatening cyber attack on the UK will take place in the near future.

The most prominent cyber attack on the UK, the WannaCry malware attack on the NHS, was classified by NCSC as a category two attack, defined as having “a serious impact on a large portion of the population, economy or government”.

The Department of Health revealed last week that the WannaCry attack, which affected at least 80 out of the 236 hospital trusts across England, as well as a further 595 GP practices, cost the NHS a total of £ 92 million – including £ 72m for IT support.

Let’s not forget that it was May 2017 that there was the WannaCry attack. That month, May 2017, the Bitcoin price index was worth $ 2,504.28 and at the end of the year it reached $ 17,549.

Bitcoin (USD) price in 2017 - Fintech Zoom
Bitcoin (USD) price in 2017 – Fintech Zoom


Prior to the WannaCry attack, Bitcoin’s value was being traded close to the average value of $ 1,100

However, in 2018 the value of Bitcoin has come down to seems to be stabilizing at around $ 6,400.

How will the market respond?

Are we waiting for another rescue attack in Bitcoins to increase its value?

And the next attack, which criptomoeda will use for ransom?

Will they accept all of them?

Let’s see the next few days.

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