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Bibox is planning its launch of BIX Bonds

Bibox, the steady-pacing top-tier digital asset exchange, is celebrating its one year anniversary. News has been leaked that Bibox is planning its launch of BIX Bonds and opening up bond trading section on the platform itself. Would it be the ignition of a revolution in the bearish crypto market?

With a total market capitalization of $823.8 billion at its peak, the crypto market went through bull- and bear- runs and has gotten everyone’s gaze upon itself. The faded craze of ICO and the controversial opinions of the crypto industry call for practical innovation. BIX Bonds, issued by Vocean, a platform where financial contract is decentralized which was incubated by Bibox. With blockchain technology put in the right spot, the upcoming BIX bonds will be the first to test the waters of a yet unsaturated market. Issued through the platform where a complete cryptocurrency financial contract infrastructure and supporting facilities are built, there’s no doubt that the BIX Bonds will bring the market long lost excitement and possibly point out a new direction.

In the traditional financial market, there’s $80 trillion worth of global equity assets, while the low-risk fixed income credit assets comfortably hold $100 trillion. Comparing this market to the current crypto market, we’ll see a huge market for crypto bonds. Furthermore, the circulation of bonds relies on the credit endorsement from regulators and intermediaries. In addition to regulatory approval, the bond issuance shall involve underwriters, auditors, legals, third party credit rating agencies, custodians, registrars, and settlement agencies with large cost involved. Every step of which could be a possible risk. Those intermediaries involved can always lead to information asymmetry and insider tradings, and financial systems isolation. The BIX Bonds would be the one with anticipated combination of current value and future potential as an accessible product. The innovation and practicality of the product along with the reputation and history of the establishment works together envisioning this promising revolution.

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