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Daollar Pay – a new digital wallet for daily life

USDD (the world’s first interest-bearing stable coin, issued by 55 Global Markets) has achieved an interest dividend payment every 15 seconds into the secure digital wallet, Daollar Pay. To celebrate the recent launch of Daollar Pay, there are prizes for new registrations/invitations.

Daollar Pay is at the forefront of a new generation of cryptocurrency wallets. It supports thousands of virtual currencies and other digital tokens. Daollar Pay has the following characteristics:

Secure private key custody

Traditional wallets on the chain give users the responsibility for safely storing private keys. However, most user’s ability to prevent and control risk is limited. In the face of endless cyber-attacks, inexperienced users cannot guarantee the security of their private keys. Therefore, Daollar Pay is committed to providing users with a convenient and easy-to-use private key-hosted wallet, which is protected by a professional security management team. Daollar Pay will soon be upgraded to a multi-signature, cold wallet system. This system will increase users’ trust while assigning a cold wallet account to each person. Thereby ensuring that user’s private keys never go online.

Double account management mechanism

Daollar Pay uses a dual account management system which works in the following way:

The deposit account is the user’s private key escrow account on the public chain (such as BTC, ETH, etc.). Like a bank safe, private keys are kept safe by a professional security management team that currently supports thousands of digital assets. Through private accounts, users can transfer, collect and confirm account assets on the chain. At the same time, users maintain public chain traditional functions. Handling fees and time of arrival (in account) are determined by corresponding public chain mechanisms. Daollar Pay does not charge any fees.

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The circulation account wallet is based on an underlying public chain (circulation chain) independently developed by Daollar. Through the circulation chain, transfers between accounts can be done at incredible speed with zero commission. In the future, Daollar Pay will support the storage and transfer of all digital assets.

Abundant payment scenarios

Daollar Pay relies on the cross-chain technology of the Circulation Chain in the Daollar distribution network. Daollar Pay supports high-frequency, small transactions and achieves ultra-low processing fees. At the same time, it works to integrate many local service providers around the world and delivers location-specific merchants. Daollar Pay can be used to discover and use services, enjoy discounts in the purchasing of commercial tokens, and support multiple encrypted digital assets for cross-chain consumer payments. Daollar Pay provides consumers with easy-to-use token management, trading, and payment tools. In addition to cooperating with 55 Global Markets (, Daollar will also connect dozens of tokens and virtual currency exchanges, providing convenient cryptocurrency and fiat transactions across exchanges. Currency conversion between any coin/token will be possible, along with intelligent price comparison, and a near instantaneous withdrawal experience.

Daollar Pay is the key node in the Daollar Crypto-asset Circulation Network (Daollar for short). Daollar is not a cryptocurrency or a public chain, nor is it a blockchain operating system like Ethereum. It is created by linking different public chains with key nodes, linking the assets of the physical world and traditional financial world, resulting in a globally encrypted asset circulation network motivated by daily consumption behaviors.

Daollar Pay will become a global, mobile, all-token, multi- transaction circulation platform. This will be achieved using an integrated strategy of wallet + commercial token circulation + virtual currency payments + exchange, and will rely on the massive user traffic of the Daollar ecosystem’s distribution network.

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