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Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange launch LCX Terminal

LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, is proud to announce the launch of the LCX Terminal in closed beta. The institutional-grade terminal aims to resolve some of the pain points that still hinder at-scale participation from institutional finance.

With liquidity siloed in unconnected cryptocurrency exchanges, moving large amounts of money opens investors to spread and slippage. Cryptocurrency exchanges also list different trading pairs, and institutions may need to work on several exchanges in order to get the asset of their choice. To make matters worse, current exchanges rarely provide detailed data and records needed by institutional investors to proceed with industry-grade research and auditing procedures, to gain market insights or even as required by regulations.

The LCX Terminal is an advanced top-layer trading desk that provides institutional investors with a professional portfolio management system, a single interface for accessing multiple exchanges, and sophisticated tools for deep analytics.

Beta Testing by Institutional Clients

The closed beta involves participants from a select group of actual LCX institutional clients and partners. Working with experience trading houses and financial institutions will provide LCX highly valuable data, feedback and insights for iterating and optimizing the platform in preparation for its public launch. The goal of the LCX Terminal is to ultimately bring its cryptoasset trading desk to a wide variety of investors such as banks, hedge funds, venture capitalists, high frequency traders, or other professional and private investors. LCX’s seasoned and well-connected institutional clients and partners will bring a lot of value towards meeting this goal.


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