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LIN ARENA announced the launch of a mainnet ‘LIN’

LIN ARENA announced the launch of a mainnet ‘LIN’ and a decentralized application (DApp) ‘Reponse.’ LIN ARENA is a company comprised of blockchain experts and white hackers headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

The mainnet is aptly named LIN. The planned release date is March 2019. The DApp is called Reponse. Reponse is a blockchain based Q&A reward service that was introduced at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018. LIN ARENA (formerly known as PWNNY Corp.) was selected as the first Korean panel speaker. Bitcoin Gold founder h4x and Martin Kuvandzhiev have joined the LIN ARENA company as Advisors.

The name “LIN” is derived from the words and the meaning thereof of Life and Network. Through the LIN platform, LIN ARENA aims to develop a blockchain network that is essential to daily lives. In order to popularize the blockchain technology, LIN plans to build a platform that can be easily adopted and used by any and all developers as well as SMEs.

The following four paradigms introduced by LIN contain LIN ARENA’s vision to implement a new blockchain platform beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. First, LIN ARENA wants to build a platform that is free from fees and staking for resource utilization between DApp developers and users. Second, LIN can be developed in C ++, Python and JavaScript language that is familiar to blockchain DApp developers. This will solve many problems that existing DApp developers face. Third, LIN maintains the highest level of security in the industry verified by Smart Contract Audit and a Bug Bounty program. Fourth, LIN supports heterogeneous blockchain interchain, and plans to make it capable of exchanging data between various blockchain networks.

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LIN ARENA is developing and operating DApp services to promote the LIN blockchain platform. Reponse is a compensatory Q&A DApp currently under beta testing with 2,000 users. LIN ARENA’s CashMusic DApp will provide a service where users can listen to music stored on their smartphones and get rewards by watching targeted ads. Additionally, CashWalking, a compensation-type pampering DApp, will also be launched offering content optimized for the modern lifestyle to users.

Kay Mun, LIN ARENA’s CEO, is a white hacker and has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading security experts. Kay has been training a number of domestic white hackers since the establishment of the International Information Security Center (i2SEC) in 2010. Early on, Kay and a group of global hackers have focused on developing DApp services and they felt a strong need in a developer-friendly mainnet. The LIN platform has been developed through the collaboration and the formation of a consensus between security and crypto developers.

LIN ARENA consists of blockchain experts and white hackers. Since 2016, they have been fully focused on developing blockchain technology that allows a developer-friendly mainnet and DApps that have enhanced security.

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