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Sunstock Inc Announces Reducing Authorized Shares Over 88% From 8 Billion to 888,888,888

Sunstock Inc. (OTC Pink: SSOK), an asset backed crypto-currency company focused on acquisitions and tokens, is pleased to announce that the Company is reducing the current Authorized share count from 8 Billion to 888,888,888.  This is a significant reduction that puts our share structure more in line with our goals.

As previously stated in our last press release dated Jan 07, 2019, “We understand that in today’s OTC market with the competitiveness of attracting hard earned shareholder dollars, we need to start with our own structure. ” stated Mr. Jason Chang, Chairman and CEO of Sunstock Inc.  Furthermore, we want to show our investors and the entire marketplace that when we say something, that they are not idle words, we need to show people we mean business.

Sunstock understands the value of reducing the outstanding and authorized share counts to increase shareholder value and to make the company more attractive for long term viability.

Mr. Chang went on to say, market trust is not easily built, but can be easily broken, we have plans for long term growth, and to bring shareholder value. We believe this is just one of many steps in our endeavor together, rest assured we are working diligently in the background, even at times when it seems we may go quiet, we are working together to forge a better future for our shareholders.

This Authorized Share Reduction is a big move towards transparency.  Sunstock is excited to bring the Authorized share structure down to a level that we feel, is a lot more attractive to investors, coupled with upcoming events, news, and filings. We believe that it will be a WIN-WIN

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