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Shakti's PoE protocol incentivize Indian farmers to send their children to school and empower them to trade globally with a functional and stable currency for global citizens.

Shakti Foundation Set to Recruit One Million Miners Globally

 The Swiss Shakti Foundation today published Part III of its Four-Part White Paper. The 25-page section explains the mathematics behind Shakti Coin’s unique Proof-of-Effort (PoE) protocol.

The PoE protocol was created to promote financial inclusion and prosperity to every corner of Earth. Shakti hope that economists, the fintech community and those in charge of monetary policy take note, and are confident that the PoE protocol will get their resounding endorsement.

Early Adoption Incentives

Early adopters are incentivized with 10,000 Shakti Coins (equivalent to USD $50,000) when they sign up for a Power Mining License. A limited number of mining licenses are available per country during the pre-registration phase. A number of licenses are available at just $49.95 (USD). Only a limited number of those will include the early adopter incentives. Right now, first-movers are incentivized with bonus coins on a first-come, first-serve-basis. The pre-registration will close when that limit is reached.

Visit – for complete Terms & Conditions, to join and receive bonus bounty.

The Power Mining license allows its holder to operate a node and mine Shakti Coin. Mining licenses are a new type of digital asset class in the emerging FinTech sector and limited to one per person.

Part IV of the Shakti’s white paper makes a compelling mathematical case for how Shakti Coin can serve the individual and society for greater financial inclusion and equality, which is scheduled to be released by 3rd week of May 2019.

About Shakti Coin:

The Shakti Coin project is an international grassroots initiative that exists independent of any affiliation with industry, government, religion or political party. The Swiss Shakti Foundation is a public benefit organization based in Zug, Switzerland tasked to provide compliance oversight and furtherance of Shakti ecosystem.

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