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And The Best Digital Banks are…..

World Finance Digital Banking Awards 2018

Best Digital Banks
Andorra: MoraBanc

Argentina: Nación Servicios

Barbados: CIBC FirstCaribbean

Brazil: Nubank

Canada: Tangerine

Chile: Banco de Chile 

Colombia: Bancolombia 

Costa Rica: BAC Credomatic 

Dominican Republic: Banco Popular Dominicano

France: BNP Paribas Fortis 

Germany: N26

Kuwait: Gulf Bank

Mexico: BBVA Bancomer

Myanmar: CB Bank 

Nigeria: Access Bank

Panama: BAC Credomatic

Portugal: ActivoBank

Russia: Sberbank

Singapore: OCBC

Spain: BBVA

Turkey: Garanti Bank

UAE: Mashreq Bank 

UK: Revolut

US: GoBank


Best Mobile Apps
Andorra: MoraBanc App – MoraBanc

Argentina: Pim – Nación Servicios

Barbados: CIBC FirstCaribbean Mobile – CIBC FirstCaribbean

Brazil: Banco Itaú – Itaú Unibanco

Canada: EQ Bank Mobile Banking – EQ Bank 

Chile: Mi Banco – Banco de Chile

Colombia: Bancolombia App Personas – Bancolombia 

Costa Rica: Banca Móvil – BAC Credomatic  

Dominican Republic: Banco Popular Dominicano

France: Hello bank! – BNP Paribas Fortis 

Germany: ING-DiBa Banking to go – ING-DiBa  

Kuwait: Gulf Bank Mobile Banking – Gulf Bank

Mexico: Bancomer móvil – BBVA Bancomer

Myanmar: CB Bank Mobile Banking – CB Bank 

Nigeria: Access Bank – Access Bank

Panama: Banca Móvil – BAC Credomatic 

Portugal: ActivoBank – ActivoBank

Russia: Touch Bank – Touch Bank

Singapore: OCBC SG Mobile Banking – OCBC 

Spain: BBVA Spain – BBVA

Turkey: Garanti Mobile Banking – Garanti Bank   

UAE: Snapp – Mashreq Bank  

UK: Tide Business Banking – Tide 

US: Ally Mobile Banking – Ally Financial

The digitalisation of the banking sector has long been a work in progress, but 2018 brought rapid acceleration and a new sense of urgency to the transformation. As more and more banks funnel larger sums of money into digital solutions, the number of physical branches around the world continues to shrink.

Across the board, banks are now racing to embody the modern institutions that consumers are demanding, all while making sense of new regulations and technologies. Only a select few have managed to come out on top, which we celebrate in the World Finance Digital Banking Awards 2018.

One of the biggest challenges for banks in 2018 was responding to a number of high-profile cyberattacks that have taken place over of late. As cyberthreats become more sophisticated and complex, bank security is not only threatened by new technologies, but also by the legacy infrastructure that many institutions still rely on.

Aneta Larkins

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