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eBay – Grayson County takes tax auction online –

GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — This will be the first time Grayson County is having its tax auction online. 

Typically, they will have a meeting in one of the rooms at the Grayson County Courthouse. 

“Property is sold when the owner of the property cannot pay taxes or will not pay taxes,” explained  Grayson County Tax Assessor Bruce Stidham. 

The county goes through a lengthy process, trying to resolve any issues with an owner who owes taxes before the property is put on the auction. 

“Attorneys will work with the property owner to try to facilitate payments so that we don’t have to get that far,” Stidham said. 

Grayson County is working with an online company called Govease to have its tri-annual auction online this year. 

“Think eBay for tax sales, more or less,” said Govease executive  David Myers. “I’m sure there’s a better way of putting it, but that’s probably the most simple way that people understand.”

Anyone in the world can participate in the auction as long as they meet the requirements. 

“We do require that they provide a letter from their bank, giving a limit to the amount that they are able to bid on, and they have to register with us,” Stidham said. 

Right now, there are 23 properties available to bid on. However, this can vary. 

Pre-bidding begins on August 2, and the auction starts the next day. 

Bidders will have two minutes on each property. 

“You can’t see what the next person’s bid is, but if you know that somebody bid then you know that you have an opportunity to make that bid,” Stidham said.

There are plenty of tools online to help people sign up in order to participate in the bidding. 

“We have phone support, we have webinars, we have FAQs, we have a whole on-demand web tutorials,” Myers said. 

eBay – Grayson County takes tax auction online –

Tags: eBay – Grayson County takes tax auction online –

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