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LAPO – A Swiss Blockchain for social impact

The transforming power of Blockchain can help solve many problems facing developing countries, such as financial exclusion, by providing decentralized financial services to which anyone with an internet connection can easily access them.

In the famous Crypto Valley (Zug, Switzerland), the Swiss Startup LAPO Blockchain AG is developing an entire ecosystem based on Blockchain technology that aims to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, everywhere, and thus foster financial inclusion.

The Swiss company has been recognized as one of the best 50 Blockchain Companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, according to consultancy Pwc and the Venture Capital firm CV VC.

The LAPO ecosystem is made up of easy-to-use tools such as multi-currency wallet, payment processing in multiple cryptocurrencies, and accessible services such as decentralized trading platform, loans, credit, and debit cards, powered by cryptocurrencies, cheaper, faster and more secure than the traditional banking.

The LAPO ecosystem is backed by the LAPO Coin, a global cryptocurrency with a new hybrid paradigm that makes it a less volatile coin. The Swiss Cryptocurrency has a Monetary Policy, as Central Banks do, but governed by an Open Source Artificial Intelligence Algorithm and has also a collateralized fund that will support and generate value to the coin.

The LAPO Coin is designed to let people get the most out of the cryptocurrency-world but without worrying about price volatility, instead, its growth will be incremental. It helps to bring stability to unstable economies and countries facing inflation process.

In this way, the LAPO ecosystem will bring an alternative solution to the millions of women and men to need it most.

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Aneta Larkins


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