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Kmind Consulting releases its practical results of creating nine leading enterprises within three years (PRNewsfoto/Kmind Consulting)

China’s consulting benchmark Kmind jointly organizes 2018 China’s Strategy in Business Competition Forum

On December 19the 2018 China’s Strategy in Business Competition Forum, jointly organized by Enterprise Management and Kmind Consulting, was successfully held in Shanghai under the guidance of China Enterprise Federation. The full-time vice-chairman of China Enterprise Confederation / China Enterprise Directors Association, Editor-in-Chief of Enterprise Management Haisong Huang and the chairman of Kmind Consulting Weishan Xie addressed the forum on behalf of the organizers, respectively. More than 400 distinguished guests from the political, academic and business communities took part in the forum. They explored ways for enterprises to become more competitive, discussed the development and improvement of management theory in the context of China, and exchanged ideas on how consulting industry can contribute to the rise of a great power through keynote speeches, round-table forums and other forms.

The holding of 2018 China’s Strategy in Business Competition Forum coincided with the 40th anniversary of China’sreform and opening-up. In addition to experts from the consulting industry, the forum brought together representatives from a number of representative business and academic circles. The chairmen of enterprises such as Firmus, Bosideng and Bestore participated in the forum and made wonderful sharing.

The 2018 China’s Strategy in Business Competition Forum opens in Shanghai on Dec. 19 (PRNewsfoto/Kmind Consulting)


The full-time vice-chairman of China Enterprise Confederation / China Enterprise Directors Association, editor-in-chief of Enterprise Management Haisong Huang delivers a speech (PRNewsfoto/Kmind Consulting)

Kmind, a Chinese strategy consulting enterprise, has done a lot of work in cultivating enterprise competitiveness. Its efforts were widely recognized by all walks of life at the forum. The representative of the organizer Haisong Huang said, at present, Chinese enterprises urgently need a set of “Chinese strategies” that are more suitable for the current business competition environment and are with more Chinese characteristics to enhance their competitiveness. In this respect, Kmind Consulting has made a lot of contributions to the development and improvement of strategy theory system of local Chinese enterprises with its focus on solving enterprise competition challenges, with its practical achievements of creating nine leading enterprises within three yearand its vision to build 100 classical cases that can promote China’sbusiness civilization progress in 10 years, and also with its creative new competitive strategies. It is an excellent diagnostician and designer serving enterprises.

Moreover, Kmind’s exclusive competitive strategy system, which is a breakthrough for the field of management theory in China, has also attracted the attention of mainstream business schools. At the round-table forum of “2018 Chinese Strategies for Business Competition”, the integration of industries, universities and research institutions, and the dialectical relationship between the consulting industry and the rise of a great power were also refreshing. Founded more than three years ago, Kmind Consulting has quietly established itself as a benchmark image in China’s consulting industry, especially in the field of strategy consulting.

Creating nine leading enterprises within three years, Kmind has become a benchmark for China’s consulting industry

For all enterprises, they are facing the same problem – how to survive and develop well. From the perspective of enterprises themselves, they must first face the challenges of change in development mode, optimization of economic structure and transformation of growth momentum. Meanwhile, the upgrade of consumption structure and the adjustment of demand structure put forward higher requirements for the quality of enterprise products. The market environment has also changed dramatically, and the surging tide of globalization has led to broader and deeper competition among enterprises.

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Against this background, homogeneous competition and price warkeep coming and going, and constantly compress the living space of enterprises. The increase of sales volume not bringing about profit increases and profits being as thin as paper have become the reality that enterprises have to face. How to win over competitors and win the choice of customers have become the biggest puzzle for entrepreneurs.

As a practical representative in cultivating enterprise competitiveness, Kmind Consulting integrates western management theory and Chinese traditional culture, creates a competitive strategy system to help enterprises build sustainable competitiveness, and takes the lead in finding the Chinese answer to the enterprise competitiveness problem. At the forum, Kmind released its practical results of creating nine leading enterprises within three yearsThe growth secrets of the nine leading enterprises (Firmus, Bosideng,Yadea Group Holdings, Indel B, Hunan Kouweiwang Group, Ajisen Ramen, Focus Media, Bestore, and Zhuyeqing Tea) were uncovered as the forum went on.

During the forum, Kmind Consulting’s president Lianzheng Xu and CEO Rongjun Yao went up on the stage and talked about the ways to enhance business competitiveness and the new thoughts about the integration of industries, universities and research institutions. Youbin Leng, the chairman of Firmus, gave a keynote speech titled Competition Breakthrough of National Brands, telling the formulation process of Firmus’ competitive strategy – “more suitable for Chinese baby’s constitution”, and sharing his business insights and practical experience; Dekang Gao, the board chairman and president of Bosideng Group, described the story behind the return of an expert of down jackets to the mainstream with his keynote speech Value Returning of National Enterprises and got the audience deeply impressed; the chairman of Bestore Hongchun Yang delivered a keynote speech titled The Strategic Journey of Chinese Snacks, showing the helplessness of the enterprise when it was in face of the price war and the experience of breaking through with the help of competitive strategy.

Promote the integration of industries, universities and research institutions, competitive strategy teaching and research workshop officially launched

The remarkable achievements of creating nine leading enterprises in three years not only caused shock in the industry, but also attracted the attention of China Management Case-sharing Center, a first-class case center with domestic authority and the largest case database available.

Professor Jingqin Su, a member of the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee and the director of China Management Case-sharing Center, believes that the important value of Kmind’s competitive strategy should not be understood only from the maturity of theory and the results of helping a certain or some enterprises to develop, and it should be noted that this strategy provides solutions to the practical problems in China: the first one is that the present overcapacity and constant price wars among enterprises result in waste of resources and prevent Chinese brands from moving upmarket, and it’s a common expectation of the government and enterprises to stop price wars; the second one is, in business schools that are meant to be important training bases for high-quality management personnel, there is disconnection between theory and practice. At present, most of the management theories come from the west. Although the independent research and development of management theories suitable for Chinese situationhas been put on the agenda, more breakthroughs are still needed.

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Based on that and with the support from the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, China Management Case-sharing Center, together with experts and professors from many famous universities, Kmind Consulting and the enterprises it provides services for, established the competitive strategy teaching and research workshop, and declared its launch at the forum. The director of the National MBA Education Supervisory Committee Ping Wang delivered a speech and said, the establishment of competitive strategy teaching and research workshop is an important exploration of mutual promotion between Chinese MBA education and local Chinese enterprises, hoping that it can give full play to the linkage advantages of industries, universities and research institutions, and contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of Chinese enterprises.

The competitive strategy teaching and research workshop brings together experts and professors from 12 nationally renowned universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and so on, Kmind Consulting’s three strategy consulting experts, chairman Weishan Xie, president Lianzheng Xu and CEO Rongjun Yao. They will be jointly responsible for guiding the strategy formulation and development direction of the workshop. In the future, the workshop will focus on exploring the summary and dissemination of the best practical cases of Chinese business enterprises, and aspire to become one of the important sources of Chinese management theory.

In addition, at the round-table forum, together with other distinguished guests, such as professor Xiaobo Wu from Zhejiang University, also a specially-appointed professor of Changjiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education, professor Zhiying Liu from University of Science and Technology of China, also a director of Case Center, the chairman of CredEx Fintech Xia Tang and the CEO of Kmind Consulting Rongjun Yao, Professor Jingqin Su expressed their opinions on the current business competition environment and discussed the new thoughts about promoting the integration of industries, universities and research institutions by combining the pain points and difficulties in their own current case teaching or their business practical experience.

Promote economic transformation and upgrading of China, Kmind’s “Chinese strategies” become a way to win business wars

Chairman Weishan Xie delivered a speech titled Chinese Strategies for Chinese Enterprises at the forum. He said, looking back on the economic rise and leading history of the United StatesJapan and Germany, we could find that the rise of great powers was accompanied by the revolution of management theories and the assistance of consulting industry.

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For example, the rise of consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group were all influenced by the management revolution of Taylor and Drucker in the 1930s. The management thoughts of Taylor and Drucker became the strongest foundation for America’s continued economic leadership in the world. In the 1950s, the spread of refined management theory of Toyota Motor led to Japan’s rapid economic rise and its global leading advantages in automobile and digital fields. Germany’s Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Siemens also benefited from the improvement of management theories. In 1972, Germany’s systematic quality assurance system was put forward, which had a huge impact on German manufacturing after being spread by Roland Berger and other consulting companies.

In the new economic era, competition is becoming deeper, broader and more intense than ever before. Because the original advanced management theories and modes have been basically applied globally. At the enterprise level, the market environment has changed from shortage to surplus, and the battlefield of competition has shifted from workshops to channels and then to customers, presenting a white-hot state of competition. These changes have directly resulted in the failure of traditional management theories which aimed at improving operational efficiency, and the inability of many of the world’s top consulting companies.

How to achieve a breakthrough? How to win a competition? Both the times and the enterprises are urgently calling for the emergence of new management theories. In terms of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, Kmind Consulting actively explored and innovated at the theoretical, practical and academic levels to help enterprises cope with competition dynamically and act as an “accompany runner” of enterprises. Since its establishment three years ago, Kmind Consulting has helped more than ten enterprises, including nine leading enterprises, achieve growth. However, in Xie’s view, this speed is far from enough compared with the huge base of Chinese enterprises. And this also leads Kmind Consulting to cooperate with China Management Case-sharing Center to launch the competitive strategy teaching and research workshop to promote the integration of industries, universities and research institutions.

Looking ahead, Xie is ambitious“With the original intention of solving enterprise competition problem and promoting China’s economic take-off, Kmind Consulting has developed its competitive strategy system to help enterprises to build sustainable competitiveness. We hope we can build 100 classical cases in 10 years so as to set an example for Chinese consulting industry to promote China’s economic transformation and upgrading. We hope we can train 1,000 competitive strategy experts and build 100 classical cases worth 100 billion yuan in 10 years. ”

Xie predicts that, with the diligence of Chinese people, the huge domestic demand in the Chinese market and the unique advantages of Chinese civilization, China will usher in a brand era in which all enterprises will worth 100 billion yuan. For future, Chinese enterprises should have confidence, so should the Chinese consulting industry.


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