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CreditEase Wins Star of Innovation

Tang Ning, founder and CEO of CreditEase: We will continue to devote ourselves to innovative practices of fintech and boost the development of industries, making finance more inclusive and efficient and bringing greater value to the real economy with technology.

The winners of the 2018 Stars of China Awards were announced by the world-renowned Global Finance magazine in Beijing on Nov. 20, 2018, and CreditEase was awarded the only Star of Innovation in Fintech of the year. As a global leader in fintech, CreditEase has kept innovation in inclusive finance and wealth management leveraging its technical strength to drive the development of China’s new economy.

In the award presentation statement, Global Finance highlighted innovation in Fintech and highly recognized the extensive influence of CreditEase in the fields of fintech, such as payment, online loan, crowdsourcing, smart investment consulting, smart insurance, and blockchain, and its remarkable contributions in leading the industry’s development and boosting the real economy.

As a flagship of fintech in China, CreditEase has been actively using financial technology to drive inclusive finance and wealth management, serving a large base of high-growth groups, the well-off class and high net worth people, for 12 years since its foundation in 2006. As mentioned in the comments by Global Finance, by winning the Star of Innovation in Fintech, CreditEase is recognized not only for improved and more accessible financial services for customers, but also various forward-looking efforts in driving the industry forward with fintech as the engine.

As a Chinese fintech leader and practitioner, CreditEase always uses technological innovation and model innovation to promote financial services. CreditEase inclusive finance utilizes innovative financial technologies such as big data and financial cloud to conduct in-depth research of the needs of various high-growth groups, and to provide credit loan information and consultation services for Chinese working-class, small and micro-enterprise owners and farmers. It also provides farmers, agriculture platforms and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with financing lease information, equipment, livestock and agricultural machinery, and financing information and consulting services based on theindustrial supply chain. CreditEase inclusive finance is committed to helping individuals and SMEs.

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For wealth management business, CreditEase has developed the AI+ FOF (Fund of Funds) system which is the first application powered by AI technology in the private equity industry. Using the one-key search interface, the FOinvestors can quickly get to know the target institutions, the company’s overall profile, performance, funds, managers, and investing industry distribution, rounds, stages, follow-up financing and public opinions monitoring. Adhering to the consistent vision of “Technology Makes Finance Better”, CreditEase will effectively combine financial and technological innovations in private equity funds to transform cutting-edge technology into productivity and achieve market integration. CreditEase also captures the seeds of technological innovation on a global scale through CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund, and promotes the creation of a global ecosystem of technological innovation. After several years of precipitation and investment layout, CreditEase has become an important innovation investor at home and abroad.

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